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20 Animals Who Are More Hungover Than You

If you think you had a rough one last night, just look at these guys.

1. This panda who cannot lift his head from the bin

2. This owl who’s struggling to see

3. This cat who has no idea where he is or what day it is

4. This gorilla who is having awful flashbacks about last night

5. This monkey who is struggling to cope



6. This husky who cannot function properly

7. This cat whose body language screams ‘kill me now.’

8. This lemur who cannot believe who she woke up next to

9. This cat who has just remembered all the drunken texts he sent to his ex last night

10. This dog who just woke up and is wondering how he got sick absolutely everywhere. Like… everywhere.

11. This cat who is dry-heaving at the thought of all those sambucas

12. This dog who has admitted defeat

13. This lemur who cannot be arsed with your shit today

14. This kangaroo who hasn’t moved in 4 hours

15. This sloth who is probably still drunk and cannot pick himself off the ground

16. This animal who is so hungover you can’t even tell which species it is

17. This moose who woke up in a tree

18. This cat who just needs to sleep it off

19. This cat who thinks he may die

20. This polar bear whose friends keep texting him about how much of a state he was in last night, and swears he is never drinking again



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Want to write an article like this?

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