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6 Customers Every Barista Will Instantly Recognise

Customer-facing work can be really rewarding, but it can also be extremely testing at times. There are so many different types of customer and whilst some are entertaining, others make it much more difficult to bite your tongue all day.



1. The Lurker

This customer will buy one drink within the first couple of hours of the shop being open, and will still be clinging to that same cup when you’re trying to close up at the end of the day.


2. The Wannabe Barista

This customer thinks that because they spend half of their bank balance on coffee each month, they’re automatically a better barista than you. They’ll watch your every move and talk you through the entire process of making their drink. If you turned your back for long enough, they’d be behind the bar making it themselves.

3. The Couple

These customers appear to have mistaken your coffee shop for their bedroom. They’re so newly in love that they don’t even notice you awkwardly standing there waiting to take their order, or any of the other customers uncomfortably sitting around them for that matter. They only have eyes for each other, and their coffees will remain untouched for pretty much their entire visit because they can’t possibly take their lips off of one another.

4. The Worker

This customer would have an IV drip of coffee attached to their arm if it was advertised on the menu. You see the despair and sadness grow on their face the longer they’re sat in the store, sipping their coffee and searching for some caffeine-fuelled inspiration.


5. The ‘Youths’

These customers have an average age of about 14 and make you all turn and question whether you were like that at their age. They spend more time getting the perfect photo and making sure the filter is just right than they do actually drinking their drinks, so it takes everything in you not to just knock the drink right out of their hand.

6. The Disbeliever

This customer seems to consistently mistake you for some sort of wizard that can magically solve anything. The complaints and queries they come out with are so incredibly bizarre that you don’t know how to respond or what to do with yourself. They’ll come out with complaints like “it’s too windy in your outdoor seating area” or “there is nowhere for me to sit” after they’ve bought their food and drinks. It’s obviously part of your job description to make the weather better for them and to go and kick other paying customers out so they can have a seat. In fact, is there no way you could actually move the sun closer for them?

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