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50 Essential Dos & Don’ts Every Fresher Should Hear

University is almost here, which means thousands will move away from home and experience the student lifestyle for the first time. 


Having been inundated with various pieces of advice regarding university life, most will be feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement towards their impending freedom – only half knowing what to expect. Well, forget everything anyone else has said to you – this is the only information you’ll need.


Our essential guide on how to act and what to do during Freshers’:


Don’t: Sit in your room with the door closed – that’s no way to make friends.

Do: Buy a doorstop. It’s more social and invites people in to say hello.


Don’t: Try to drastically reinvent yourself – people will see through you.

Do: Start a fresh, be yourself and if necessary, attempt to land a better nickname than the one given to you in school.


Don’t: Make a bad first impression – you don’t want everyone to remember you for the rest of the year as “that weird guy who vommed on me in freshers’ week”

Do: Be wary of the prospect of a bad campus reputation – word spreads quickly!


Don’t: Ignore all the paperwork you need to sort regarding funding and enrolling – it’s boring, but needs to be done.

Do: Get it over with asap then spend the rest of the week loving life.


Don’t: Stay in. You’ve got all year to do that (though don’t do that either).

Do: Go out whenever anyone asks – and if they don’t ask you, ask them!


Don’t: Be the boring flat obsessed with keeping everything tidy.

Do: Have a party, inviting all the other flats round for drinks before you head out. You can worry about the mess later.


Don’t: Worry and panic about not making friends/no one liking you/that weirdo down the hall.

Do: Relax and be cool, and everyone will want to be around you.


Don’t: Judge and be bitchy.

Do: Be welcoming of everyone – this isn’t college or school, nobody comes to university to form cliques, and if you try you’ll be avoided.


Don’t: Give up alcohol.

Do: Use it to your advantage, you don’t have to go overboard, but it’s easier to break the ice if you’re all a little tipsy.


Don’t: Turn up empty handed.

Do: Bring something to the table (flat) – a TV, a Wii, an instrument – anything to give people an excuse to be your friend.


Don’t: Reveal all of your most embarrassing secrets in a game of ‘I Have Never’.

Do: Tactfully choose when to drink, saving yourself for the wild night out ahead.


Don’t: Be oblivious to the world of drinking games.

Do: Read up on the rules beforehand, and you’ll be the centre of every party.


Don’t: Lose everybody on the night out.

Do: Stick with the group, getting involved with shots at the bar and having fun with your new flatmates.


Don’t: Deactivate your Facebook account because of all the embarrassing photos being uploaded.

Do: Embrace the flood of shameful pictures! Use it wisely as a tool to make and keep friends.


Don’t: Pressure anybody that doesn’t drink.

Do: Get to know everybody as well as you can, teetotallers are people too!


Don’t: Ignore the “fresher 15” – a term coined across the pond to describe how everyone will either gain or lose 15 pounds in their fresher year.

Do: Join the gym, or at least try to eat well.


Don’t: Think that Freshers’ flu is a myth – you will catch it.

Do: Sign up to a local doctor.


Don’t: Sleep with a flatmate.

Do: Keep your distance, getting to know everyone you live with before making life awkward for all parties involved.


Don’t: Blow your loan in fresher’s week.

Do: Watch what you spend and remember that you have to survive until Christmas.


Don’t: Refuse to go to certain clubs because it’s “not your scene”.

Do: Try as many bars and nightclubs as you can, making the most out of fresher’s week and keeping everyone happy.


Don’t: Spend all your time talking about your friends at home – people will get sick of it.

Do: Act like your new friends are the only ones you need.

Don’t: Get into a relationship in the first week. It won’t last, and when you break up it will cause a rift in your friendship group.

Do: Stick to that “I’m going to have fun in my first year” attitude.


Don’t: Piss off your warden the first time you meet them.

Do: Keep them sweet and they’ll let you get away with more.

Don’t: Sleep through Freshers’ Fair – despite how hungover you may be.

Do: Go and sign up to all the things you physically can. You’ll also get a heap of free stuff.


Don’t: Wait for the fun to come to you. There’s loads out there, but it waits for no one!

Do: Get involved and dive in. Remember that everyone is in the same boat.


Now you know, you’re ready to have the time of your life.

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