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10 Questions Every English Graduate Has Asked Themselves

People always assume you did an English degree because it was an ‘easy choice’. And while the minimum contact hours, open exams and ability to read cliffnotes are all major reasons for your choice, it was certainly NOT easy.

Reading cliffnotes only got you through first and second year and your spare time was eventually taken up by essays on top of essays.

But you made it through and now that you’ve graduated there are many things you will ask yourself.

1. “What am I supposed to do with all these books now? They are so heavy and old!”


2. “Was I the only one to use them as coasters and doorstops?”


3. “Why AREN’T I becoming a teacher? At least then I would know what the hell I was doing.”


4. “I wonder how often in life I will be asked what the colour green represents?”


5. “Well at least people will ask me to use symbolism in everyday life… right?”


6. “Will I ever know what Shakespeare is saying?”


7. “Is reading a career?”



8. “I wonder which Brontë sister I will dress up as this Halloween? Definitely Emily, so much sass.”


9. “Is it acceptable to fancy fictional characters that are older than your house?”


10. “Okay, so… Mr Darcy or Heathcliff?”


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Want to write an article like this?

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