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5 Things You Can Only Get Away With During Freshers Week

It’s true that being a student gives you a lot of leeway in life. There a lot of things that you are suddenly excused from.

Having said that, there are some things that you just shouldn’t do once freshers’ week is over.

Take advantage while you can.

1. Knocking on a stranger’s door and asking if they want to be friends

During Freshers’ week everyone is in the same position. No one knows anyone and everyone is trying to make new friends. So the only way to get to know people who aren’t your flatmates (and let’s be honest, sometimes you’re just not lucky in that raffle), is to go and find people. You never know, your entire uni experience might be enhanced from making that friend across the hall.



WARNING: When the fresher period is over and everyone has found their group of friends, don’t try this. Rejection hurts.

2. Walking into a random party in your block with no back up

We’ve all been to a party where there is a random guy nobody knows. But at fresher parties, there is no such guy. Everyone wants to know everyone, and everyone is welcome. Walk right in and enjoy the vibe while it lasts! Do this in a months’ time and you’ll be standing in the corner alone like a creep…



3. Spending £50 a day and having nothing to show for it but a headache

You’re away from home for the first time and suddenly have all this money from nowhere, it can be hard to know when to stop. You go out every night, and that requires pre-drinks, tickets, cigarettes (because we’re all “social” smokers during freshers week), and of course the end of night pizza or kebab. But as soon as it’s over this lifestyle is just not acceptable, and simply not affordable. It’s time to start cutting coupons and teaching yourself to appreciate value brands.



4. Calling cold pizza and a beer at 6pm ‘breakfast’


5. Calling your parents at 3am to demand to know why they abandoned you here with these strangers

Although freshers is a time for fun, that much alcohol is sure to make you a little emotional. Especially as moving away from home is a big deal. But after a few weeks, your parents will just stop picking up. They didn’t abandon you, it’s time to attempt adulthood. They’ve moved on. Your room is already a gym. Deal with it.



Even though you should probably start budgeting and stop inviting yourself to strangers’ parties after freshers’ week is over, you can still eat beans with pasta (just because), be drunk 95% of the time and forget to do the required reading due to your busy Netflix schedule. So, it’s not all bad.

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