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7 Signs You’re The Only Single One of Your Friends At Uni

Whether your housemates and friends are in long distant relationships with people back home, or have met someone during their time at uni, you’re bound to be surrounded by people who come in twos. But how can you tell if you’re the last goosbury standing?

1. You often find yourself alone in the house.

While your housemates reside in their love nests for days on end.


2. You’re the only one gagging over emotional scenes on TV while the couples sat around you weep into each other’s arms.


3. Nights out are normally spent in the toilet listening to a friend crying about how much she misses the boyfriend she left two hours ago…

Yeah, yeah… can we dance now!!?



4. Pulling is impossible.

Your girlfriends don’t want to spend the night entertaining boys they’re not interested in… even to help you out.


5. Yet, they’re always asking if you’ve met anyone yet…


6. But that’s if you ever go out.

“We’re just going to stay in tonight” – something singles are bored of hearing.


7. You’re sat in the corner of the table on the unmatching, possible broken, chair when the ‘family’ quality time suddenly includes other halves…


It’s okay guys, you’ll find someone some day… until then there is always cake.

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