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8 Types of People You’ll Meet On a Night Out In Freshers’ Week

Freshers is all about exploring a new city, spending your student loan shamelessly and, of course, meeting the people that will encourage your journey to liver damage (thanks guys).

During the week (or weeks, depending on how determined you are) of hangovers, shots and takeaways, you’ll meet a few particular types of people. And as young innocents (cough), you should be prepared.

So firstly, you will definitely come across…

1. Youthful Crashers

We’ve all been there. We’ve all used someone else’s ID (a distant cousin who looks slightly like you in a bad light), to crash Freshers’ week in our home town. Only, now that you’re actually invited, they’re easier to spot and much more annoying. How do they think they blend in?

However, the good thing about these people is that they’ll probably just avoid you anyway and end up talking to eachother, so you’re safe!

2. Girls gone wild.

These girls are completely unavoidable – they’re relishing in the lack of parents and rules, so much so that their dignity can often become compromised. Just remember to hold judgement – they’ll feel the shame and regret soon, maybe not in the morning, or even a week from now, but possibly when the pictures of them surface on facebook for their parents to see.

If you are one of these girls, the only advice is to find a trustworthy friend who will pull you back when you go too far. However, the people that will end up being your best friends will only encourage you, naturally.


3. A Second or Third year (if they aren’t already drowning in work) trying to blend in.

People don’t want to admit they’re ageing, it’s natural. So don’t be surprised when you see a group looking slightly out of place, or stood in the smoking area talking about how last year was ‘so much better’ and moaning how ‘tame’ you all are. It’s just their way of coping.

They don’t want to face that although they’re at Freshers’ week, they’re just not a fresher anymore. Just wait until you’re in their position guys, then you’ll understand true denial.


4. A Graduate – desperately trying to hold onto their youth, and failing.

Might be found dancing on the bar, doing shots off of the bartender… or more realistically crying in the corner about how fast time goes. Sorry, not sorry.

We’re sad, so back off – it’s highly recommend you avoid us at all costs, we will try and tell you all about our time at uni. How crazy our first year was, how hard our thesis was and how much we miss Fred, Jack and Jill (like you know these people) – Again, not sorry.


5. Recent singles who broke up with their other halves to come to University.

These people are divided into two types. One is that they could join the girls gone wild and be on a pulling mission (you know, because that definitely helps you to move on…) In which case however, you just let them do their thing, and politely listen to their regret when it arrives.

The other way is admittedly more dangerous for you, however… they could be criers. You’ve been warned.


The only advice is to put these individuals in a taxi and do some more shots. There’s no point trying to cheer them up. They won’t cheer up, they just need to go home and sleep it off.


6. The ones who are still trying to make their relationship work.

To be honest, these people might be worse than those that made the decision to move on. The good thing is that, other than the odd comment such as ‘why isn’t she answering her phone?’ and ‘who is this girl on his facebook status?’ (which you can avoid due to the blasting base), you probably won’t see them.

They will spend their evenings outside, trying to get through to their other halves, and going home early when they do get through, you know, because they miss each other so much…


7. The guys who just can’t handle their drink.

Being a guy can be hard, they feel the heat of peer pressure and the need to be a ‘LAD’ and earn ‘man points’. So it’s no surprise that there will be a few guys there who have clearly never drank more than a glass of wine at Christmas dinner before, trying to build a rep.

They’ll probably be semi naked and running wild before the night is out. Avoid them like the plague – vomit is not a good look.


8. Rival uni students.

It’s true, students who attend your cities’ other universities have Freshers’ week too. It’s pretty easy to distinguish between the two schools on a night out, you can pretty much feel the rivalry (and they’re clearly a lot less amazing than the students at your uni, obviously).


Now that you are educated in the types of people that will occupy the clubs, go, young Fresher. Drink Sambucca, meet new people and embarrass yourself, we’ll wait for you on the other side. The side of careful drinking, early nights and pure terror when meeting people we don’t know. We’ll probably be asleep when you arrive.

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