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9 Signs You’re a Postgrad Who Still Acts Like an Undergrad

The jump from an undergraduate degree to a postgraduate degree is like no other educational step you will have to face. When all your friends started looking for graduate schemes and internships, you thought you would cheat the system and refuse adulthood for another year.

This was your first mistake. Masters are hard. Who knew they would actually involve serious work? Outrageous.

You’ll attempt to live the life of a fresher, before realising it just isn’t going to work…

1. You try to go out (or do anything sociable) mid-week

The moment you signed up you signed away your weeks, I’m afraid. 10 hours of lectures and seminars every day make it impossible for you to continue your undergrad lifestyle which was at its peak on week nights. RIP student nights.



2. You skip lectures and think you can pretend you were there during the seminar

As an undergrad it was easy to pretend you were at a lecture by simply scanning the powerpoint five minutes before the seminar. Not likely this year.



3. You think you can go home, watch Netflix and forget about uni work until tomorrow… or forever



Yeah, only if you want to waste about seven grand.



4. You start the year with a part time job

Until you start asking customers definitions and asking lecturers if you can take their order and you realise it’s all too much.



5. You revise for midterm assessments the night before

As an undergrad, midterm assessments are just exam practice and therefore you barely pay attention. But as a postgrad every little test COUNTS. Yes, actually counts. Get the flashcards out and memorise everything.



6. You only read the required reading list… if you read it at all…

Rookie mistake. Buy every book ever on any topic slightly related to yours. Apparently post grads are supposed to use their initiative… Lame.



7. You try and make new friends

But in reality, you barely have the time to keep on top of your old ones and nap at any possible time… priorities.



8. You think you can go out on Friday night and do work on the Saturday…

It’s simple really, you’re just too old now.



9. When tutors mention work experience you immediately start browsing Instagram and sending snapchats…

Classic undergrad avoiding life.



You thought you could cheat the system, but in reality you just paid a fortune for a full time job. But at least you’ll be a master of something. That’s always cool… and totally worth it.



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