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9 Ways Studying In America Will Make You Appreciate Being British

Although studying abroad is an epic experience you should all definitely consider (and California is basically a paradise destination), there will be some things about your time there that will make you appreciate being British.

1. The lack of solid, healthy nutrients.

It’s true, American food can be the solution to all your problems. Forget crying over ice cream when you cry over 20 pancakes caked in syrup and 10 strips of bacon… But there are some times you miss the spring in your step after a healthy meal and resent the heaviness of a food baby. But healthy meals are just not an option (even their salads are drenched in ranch dressing). Even Californians who consider themselves to be quite healthy in comparison to the rest of the nation, tend to blend all their vitamins. We all love a smoothie, but it won’t be long until you miss the crunch of steamed broccoli.


2. The free stuff.

All you have to do is talk loud enough and your ice cream or burrito is suddenly ‘on the house’. They love us.


3 The heat.

For the first few weeks before classes start, you’ll be basking in all its glory laid by the pool, but just wait until finals in 100 degree weather. Having to wear clothes is an everyday struggle and all the Americas will be in hoodies and sweats because that’s ‘nothing to their August sun’. They won’t understand why you have gone to a lecture in a bikini… They just won’t.


4 Alcohol.

There is nothing more infuriating after two years of free reign on the alcohol front, than walking down an alcohol isle or into a bar with zero power. Having said that, college kids do manage to get hold of excessive amounts of beer and tequila, so you won’t have to go cold turkey… you’ll just have to hide it under your bed from your RA and ask a stranger to go into the store for you. You’ll be eager to get a round in when you get home, just to prove to yourself that you can.


5. Privacy.

Sharing a dorm is all part of the experience, but there will be times when you just don’t understand the logic. There will always be someone there to judge your unproductive days. Why can’t they just build more walls so you can eat noodles in your underwear when you’re supposed to be getting ready for a lecture… like a true student should.


6. American Chocolate.

It’s just gross.


7. The constant enthusiasm.

American hospitality is wonderful to arrive to, you feel comfortable and excited right from day one. But there will come a time when you’re in a foul mood and you just want to bask in your own anger. And don’t tell them you’re upset, they’ll just want to hug you…


8. Infomercials.

Just look at them all. They’ll definitely make you appreciate those Cadbury ads even more.



9. The lack of Sarcasm.

Brits just love it when Americans constantly shout ‘YOU SOUND LIKE YOU’RE FROM LONDON’ and ask if you know the queen…


Enjoy your time in American culture. Eat deep fried gherkins (not pickles), watch the superbowl and travel while you can. Just know that being British has its perks.


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