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10 Things Students Do Better Than Everyone Else

Students have a certain skillset that no other demographic can match.

1. Drinking.

At what other point in your life will you stay standing after 5 triple vods? Only as a student.


2. Hangovers.

And while the average person would need to take 3 days off after the night out you just had, you’re ready for round two.

3. Procrastination.

Yes, you’ve got a 4,000 word assignment in for next week and yes, your essay plan consists of a title and a coffee stain, but why start knuckling down to work now when you can pull an all-nighter the day before it’s due?

4. Culinary innovation.

Only a student could turn a humble packet of super noodles into a whole week’s worth of meals. Gordon would be proud.

5. Excess.

Particularly on such a small budget. Students simply don’t know the meaning of the word moderation.

6. Collecting things.

Traffic cones, vodka bottles, you name it, we have them in surplus.

7. Pulling off the slob look.

Making an old tshirt and takeaway-stained joggers look good is worthy of a degree itself.

8. Making the most of nothing.

From turning a pack of cards or an over watched TV show into a drinking game, to a makeshift rounders set using a tennis ball and a roll of cling film, every student’s main lesson from living at uni is how to have fun with anything.

9. Not quite being an adult.

No student life is complete without sitting in a darkened room with an offensive amount of junk food watching Disney films – we’ve all done it, and we are proud of it.

10. Embarrassing yourself.

Drunken texts to your ex, declaring your love for your latest crush, or simply falling over thin air, these are all staples in the life of a student. The best way to fix these embarrassing moments? Pretend like nothing ever happened.

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