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Here’s Proof That James The Swan Was The Most Exciting Thing To Ever Happen At Bath Spa Uni

Spring 2016 at Bath Spa University was a Spring like any other, until James The Swan happened.

Everything seemed completely normal at first. 

Students were preparing for essays, the sheep were grazing, and the campus swans were drifting across the Newton Park lake.

But, suddenly, one swan in particular seemed to be everywhere.

Made a new friend today at uni #bathspa #bathspauniversity #eventheswansgohard #swan #lake #scenic #walk #university #countryside

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Like, everywhere.

Casual swan by commons… #swan #bathspa #bathspauni #bathspauniversity

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Um, OK?


Of COURSE there's a swan outside the lecture rooms. #bathspauniversity #newtonpark #countrylife #swanproblems

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This guy seriously had no boundaries. At all. 

No one knew where or how he acquired the name ‘James’. All anyone knew was that he was here to stay.

Fortunately, Bath Spa Uni is no stranger to dealing with rogue swans.

However, James was no ordinary rogue swan. Emails had to be sent out about him.

And fan art was produced.

It all escalated very quickly.

Until one day, he finally flew away.

Leaving everyone to question where he could possibly have gone.

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Of course. That would be our swan.

Bath Spa just isn’t the same without you, James.

Baby swan on campus #onlyatbathspa

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