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7 Things British People Should Be Jealous About on 4th of July

In case you didn’t notice, there’s a party going on the other side of the pond. And it’s a big one. 

Jealous? You should be. 

1. We’ll never be able to celebrate our country’s birthday

It’s a pretty awesome idea celebrating the birth of a nation. And it’s an excuse for another bank holiday, and, come on, we can’t have too many of those.

jealous much

2.  It would feel like London 2012 all over again.

For the most part, America is one of the most patriotic countries the world has seen. To us Brits, the only time we unleashed this emotion was when we held the Olympics back in 2012, then of course, in true British style we went back to our cynical selves. Why shouldn’t we be proud of where we come from? Not only does it encourage celebrations but happiness, positive thinking and that feel good feeling you see in films (the one you want but never get).

America all over their asses

3. There’s absolutely no limit on eating

This day is all about the BBQ with family and friends – what could be better?

homer food

4. You’re not only allowed – but encouraged – to go crazy on merchandise.

Absolutely everything is made with an America flag on it. Everything. BUY IT ALL.


5. For just one day, everyone shares mutual appreciation. 

The history behind the date brings families together, putting holds on feuds and even political differences. Although only for the day, it makes people appreciate what they have and ultimately how lucky they are. We all need a slice of this humble pie, especially when complaining about our first world problems, which we all do.


6. So. Much. Drinking.

It is a party, after all.

alcohol I will be tehre

7. There are so many festivities it’s literally impossible to be bored.

Whether it be parades, face painting, drinking, dancing, watching sport, sleeping or eating. There’s always something for everyone. Also, it’s vital everybody spends time outdoors in the sun – hell to the yeah. America is the man with the plan.

Taylor swift

So guys, PREACH.

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