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10 Disney Characters You’ll Meet at University

Uni is flooded with people from all over the world, and like any other social sphere (e.g. school, the office, LIFE) some of us fall into strange, exclusive groupings. Here are their Disney counterparts – take note.

1. Zeus, the BNOC.

If you’re a Big Name on Campus, you’re gonna have a large God-like following of friends/admirers. You throw big house parties, a bit like Hercules’ christening at the top of Mount Olympus, where people can relax, have a great time and swim in the infectious narcissism that buzzes round the room. If you’re normal, you’ll find BNOCs quite intimidating, but once you get to know them you’ll realise they’re not too bad, but will always be slightly superior to you in every way.



2. Tigger, the sporty one.

Like Tigger, Jocks (or for us Brits, ‘people who love sport’) have boundless heaps of energy. You’ll have training two or three times a week, and when you get home from uni you’ll try to shake your housemates from their Jeremy Kyle marathon to convince them to go to the gym with you. You’re always happy, because you’ve got so many bloody endorphins flying around inside you, and you hate long, bed-ridden, pizza-consuming hangover days because to you, doing that just doesn’t make sense.



3. Ariel, the spontaneous risk-taker.

If you tend not to put much thought into fairly important decisions, you’re a bit like Ariel. Why would you allow an evil octopus witch, who you already know has major beef with your dad, to replace your amazing tail with bog-standard legs and snatch your stunning voice away, just so could say hi to a guy that you don’t know anything about?!! You make rash decisions, but everyone loves you because you’re fun.

Ariel 2


4. Charlotte La Bouff, the one who has everything.

If you’ve got all the latest Apple products, your cheapest shoes are a pair of Kurt Geigers, or use a £1000 Louis Vuitton Tote bag to carry your textbooks round all day, then you’re a little bit like Charlotte La Bouff. You’re probably really nice, but you don’t have that many worries, because at the end of the day, you’re not living loan by loan like everyone else.

Charlotte La Bouff


5. Governor Ratcliffe, the posh one.

If you can’t help being a bit pompous, then you and Governor Ratcliffe would make the best of pals. You probably look down on people and both share a passion for success. Sometimes you can be a bit of a twat, but if you have a pug that’s as cute as Ratcliffe’s, you’ll be alright.

Governor Ratcliffe


6. Aurora, the lazy oaf.

Tbh, Aurora doesn’t really do an awful lot apart from singing to animals and sleeping. If you’re the lazy one that everyone goes crazy at, try and be a bit more pro-active – try acquiring a magic stick, getting yourself a pet raven and a legion of goblin followers – because everyone’s favourite character in that movie is Maleficent for good reason.



7. The Caterpillar, the stoner.

The reason this guy repeatedly asks “Who are you?” could be more obvious than you think. He smokes and lounges about all day, and after a while that lifestyle could make you pretty forgetful. If you’re a stoner, you’ve got a life pretty similar to the Caterpillar’s, though if you’re living on a big-ass mushroom, you should probably go have a shower and rethink some basic principals.



8. King Louie, the party student.

If you go out four, maybe five times a week, King Louie would love you – he’s a fun-loving ape who enjoys the odd banana (oi oi) and a dance. If you love nothing more than a boogey and a jägerbomb, you belong in the Jungle Book with all the other cheeky monkeys.

King Louie


9. Cinderella, the one who’s always skint.

If you’re a poor, unfortunate soul like Cinderella, you know the perils of never having any money. Sometimes this means that you can’t go out all the time or you have to rely on your household pets to make clothing for you, because the funds just aren’t there. If you do go to the ball, sometimes your fairy god-friends help you out with a taxi fare or two, but nobody minds because you’re so awesome.



10. Jane, the nerd.

Jane was a massive geek – she went to Africa ON A BOAT, with her Dad and some idiot, because she loved gorillas THAT MUCH. That takes commitment. She even fell in love with a man who was exactly like a gorilla – that’s like, a whole other level of geekiness. If you are as committed to uni as Jane is to primates, you’re gonna go far in life. Your mates might hate you for it now, but you’ll be the one laughing when you’re happily married to your microscope.



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