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10 Things That Happen When You Join a University Sports Club

It’s all about Wednesday. 

1. Your first few socials will be a confusing and terrifying experience

You’ll probably be sat next to a second or third year, they say that they’re going to ‘look after you’ but the look in their eyes suggests otherwise. You’ll be slightly overwhelmed with the games, the rules, the chants, the songs and of course the drinking. Even if you don’t drink you’ll somehow become involved in the madness. None of it will make sense, then slowly you’ll start automatically drinking with your left hand and knowing which song to sing when someone is downing their drink. You still won’t understand why you have to do any of it, but you absolutely love doing it.

2. Your fancy dress collection will never stop growing

However it wont be a traditional fancy dress box. Bum bags, hot pants, a range of hats, and t-shirts with profanities written in sharpies on them. You name it, it’s probably going to become part of your fancy dress collection.



3. And some of the fancy dress themes will bring out a creative side in you that you never knew existed

You’ll begin to view normal everyday items as integral parts of your next outfit. Basically everything in your flat is at your disposal. Cereal boxes, bin bags, bed sheets, pillow cases, wrapping paper, plastic bags, foil, plant pots and stuffed toys are just some of the many items you can gather without leaving your flat to create your weekly Wednesday night masterpiece.

4. You’ll discover that the best University Boat race is not the one between Oxford and Cambridge

Yeah sure, that one is televised and comes with prestige, but the Wednesday night drinking boat races that occur at universities across the country are far more entertaining. This kind of boat race is usually spontaneous and can be between any two groups of people, or two sports teams. Occasionally the away team will rise to the challenge if they decide to loiter about after your match. They are tense and exciting for all, and will occur at lest once a week. So get practising.

5. Dressing for formal dinners becomes incredibly confusing

Club dinners, charity events, sports balls will bewilder everyone. You’ll have become so accustomed to seeing all your team mates in either sports gear or fancy dress that the idea of dressing fancy creates a lot of problems. Expect lots of texts or Facebook posts asking what people are wearing, from the boys as well as the girls. No shame here, everyone wants to look their best.

6. Your flat mates will question your sanity

The only way to get them to understand is to persuade them to come along to a social.

7. You’ll wonder how everyone else spends their time

You’ll slowly find that a lot of your spare time is taken up by activities related to your sport. You’ll either be training, playing, on nights out or recovering from nights out. You’ll look at your housemates who don’t play a sport and wonder what is is they do all day, because lets face it, its probably not work.

8. Your University rivalry will be like no other

You will quickly learn to hate your rival university and everything they do. University pride will peak at Varsity matches. Everyone will unite against the common enemy, and some of the chants and insults thrown around should definitely not be repeated in front of parents. This rivalry is both brilliant and brutal. Any post-win night out is guaranteed to be a memorable one, and even if you lose it is important to remember, “win or lose – have a booze!”



9. Wednesday will become your favourite day of the week

Wednesday means Game Day. You’ll either be playing, training, or supporting other teams, followed by social in the evening – what more could you want? Whatever the outcome of your match Wednesday night is guaranteed to be a rowdy one, and will quickly become the highlight of your week

10. And Thursdays will become your least favourite

The day after a match and a social was never going to be good. Thursday 9am lectures are the kryptonite of anyone on a sports team. Power through and remember its less than a week till next Wednesday


But best of all, a study by BUCS found that students who participated in sport earn more after they graduate than less active students.  

So basically, we’re unbeatable.



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