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10 Times Your Diet Was Nowhere To Be Seen

As students and grads, we’re all incredibly concious of our eating habits – lots of vegetables level out the amount of alcohol you consume, right?

However, in some situations it’s completely impossible for you to stick to a diet. It’s okay, we understand.

1. When you’re hungover.

You’ve woken up feeling broken, and are the definition of ‘hangry’ – the dangerous combination of hungry, and angry. Angry at how you feel, and hungry for something to soak up the alcohol still in your body. Because of this you’ll be an absolute nightmare to anyone you encounter, wandering round in a zombie like state, angry at all the non-hungover people for their happiness while you wallow in your own sadness.

To save your family ties and friendships you have to give in to the cravings. Whatever your miracle hangover cure is, it’s okay to indulge. Mainly to restore peace in your home, but also so that the room stops spinning whenever you stand up…

2. When you’ve had a rough day.

Relationship troubles? Work related stress? Questionable life decisions on a night out? It’s a well known fact that these feelings of despair, pressure and regret can all be solved with food. Eating your feelings is perfectly acceptable, you need cheering up and your friends Ben and Jerry will usually be on hand to help with this one.

3. When your friend has had a rough day.

Standing by someone you’re close to during this time epitomises friendship. Nothing says ‘best friends’ like sharing a tearful KFC family bucket. Not only are you providing moral support, but you’re also easing the food related guilt of your pal in their hour of need. You’re putting your body on the line, but you don’t mind because that’s just what friends are for.

4. When it’s your Birthday.

No one diets on their Birthday. There’s a very high chance there will be a cake, probably even multiple cakes if you’re hitting a milestone birthday. You’re celebrating your day of birth! Today is not a day for counting calories, today is a day for counting how many years of your life you’ve spent being brilliant! (all of them)

5. When it’s your friend’s Birthday.

Ever wonder why Birthday cakes are cut into pieces? So it can be shared with your nearest and dearest! Don’t be that party pooper who turns down cake, no one wants to be friends with that person. Grab a slice and celebrate your friend’s day of birth! Where would you be without them?

6. When you’ve got a deadline coming up.

Deadline time at uni is looming, you’re basically living in the library, and energy is needed to fuel the round-the-clock scrambling to finish all your work. You need food. A lot of food.

Will a low carb low fat diet cut it at this time? Who are you kidding?! You’re already at your wits end, don’t add to your emotional turmoil by denying yourself your favourite comfort food, grab the nearest pack of biscuits and finish those essays!

7. When you finished all your deadlines.

YAY! If ever there was a time to treat yourself, it’s now. You’re celebrating. Go eat what you want then nap for about a week, its the only way to recover.

8. Whenever your favourite cooking show is on.

If, for example, Great British Bake off is on, how can you expect to fully appreciate the brilliance of the contestant if you’re not sampling whatever it is they’re cooking this week? Everyone knows you cannot watch a full hour of people making a beautiful range of puddings and desserts while snacking on carrot sticks. It’s just not OK.

9. When you’re home for the weekend.

Whatever age you are, visiting home for the weekend is an excellent chance to fill up on decent home cooked food. You don’t know when you’re going to get a good meal next, or when someone is going to cook for you. You have 2 days to make the most of these luxuries, only fools would stay on the dieting wagon for a weekend at home.

10. And of course, whenever pizza is involved.

Because pizza is the food of Gods.

So go ahead and indulge. You have more than enough excuses…

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