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7 Things You Should Avoid At Your First Ever Work Christmas Party

You’ve graduated this year and are in the first few months in your first ever “proper” job.

An upcoming Christmas party is just the occasion to show your new colleagues how sassy you are! But with all the complimentary booze flowing, there is a risk that you may forget your new mature, sophisticated persona and slip back into bad student habits.

Here are some things you should probably avoid doing:

1. Snogging, or even flirting with a colleague. No matter how sexy they are.

At uni parties, everyone had a cheeky snog and it was briskly forgotten about. Doing this at work won’t be so easily forgotten. Especially when you have to see them in the office every day for the foreseeable future.

2. Getting so drunk that you chunder everywhere.

Not only is this embarrassing, it doesn’t exactly scream maturity.

3. Telling everyone your deep, dark secrets.

Unlike uni parties where everyone is on the same level of smashed, the people listening to you at the work Christmas party are most likely not that drunk. This means they’ll remember everything.


4. Turning up in a (not so) sexy Santa outfit.

At the uni winter ball seasonal fancy dress is hilarious. At work, keep it smart.



5. Dancing inappropriately.

Doing your best Miley Cyrus twerk is not cool when your new boss is watching, seriously.

mean girls dance


6. Turning up late.

In the real world this just doesn’t go down well.



7. Getting too pally with your boss.

When you start telling them your outrageous drunken uni stories, they might start to wonder why they gave you the job…



Job and dignity salvaged. Just. 

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