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8 Things You Never Thought You’d Miss About Uni But Really Do

Student life is nothing like the real world.

And whilst we spent our time whinging about having to write essays and live in damp student houses, when we enter the tough graduate world all we want is to be taken back to student-dom!

Here are some things you really didn’t think you’d miss:

1. Your dissertation

At the time, hours of sitting in the library were a ball-ache. But now you’re working 9-5, a couple of hours a day in the library gossiping with your friends seems much more appealing…

2. Hangover days

Now these days are few and far between accompanied by a massive sense of guilt for not being productive on your only day off.

3. Annoying housemates

You couldn’t wait to get rid of that one person who always left the kitchen in a mess, but now your parents insist you’re the messy one and you wish you could have that housemate back.

4. Being pressured into going out every night

Now that bedtime is apparently more attractive than Jager bombs on a Friday night, you’d do anything to go back.

5. Cheap food

As a working graduate you come home with little energy to cook. You wish you could throw some smiley faces in the oven and be done with it but the next day in work comes with the risk of being asked what you had for dinner.

6. Napping all the time

They were great but you’d look back and feel like you’d wasted the day. Now, you come home from work and think the exact same thing, except your much more tired.

7. Wearing nothing but hoodies

Now you’re in the real world you actually have to get up, have a shower and look presentable.

8. Student accommodation

You thought you’d love going back to a comfortable house without mouldy walls, but now you’re back home with your parents you would trade all that for the banter of living with a group of mates.

You know it’s bad when even the worst experiences are making you upset. 

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