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12 Struggles English People Studying In Wales Will Recognise

Whilst your friends have moved away to a new town for university, you have moved to a whole new country.

It might only be a few hours’ drive away, but student life is very different on the other side of the Severn Bridge.

Here are a few things you may encounter when studying in Wales.

1. People are disappointed when you don’t come home fluent in Welsh.

Just because I’ve moved to Wales, doesn’t mean I’ve become Welsh!

2. You can’t tell people where you study without hearing a sheep joke.

Everyone thinks theirs is original and hilarious. It’s not.


3. You can never get a seat in the pub when the rugby’s on.

Oh, and don’t support England too enthusiastically!

4. Your Welsh friends will drink you under the table.

The Welsh really do know how to party, meaning that you most likely won’t be able to keep up.


5. Your friends at home think its annoying/hilarious when you use random Welsh words.

‘Popty ping’ is much more exciting than saying ‘microwave’, OK?


6. The fact that Welsh cakes can only be found in Wales

How disappointing is it when you can’t find them in your local shop at home?


7. Not being able to get to sleep on St David’s day night

Literally everyone goes out. So if you live anywhere near the pub, don’t even contemplate an early bed time.


8. You will develop a Welsh twang

Some love it, some hate it, but everyone will comment on how ‘different’ your voice sounds.


9. Trying to get cash out when drunk will probably result in this



10. You’ll find a level of patriotism you never thought possible in the UK.

Be careful who you say Welsh jokes to… or else.

11. Pre-exam instructions are announced in English AND Welsh which takes FOREVER.

Exams are nerve-wracking enough as it is!

12. Your graduation ceremony will be bi-lingual too, making the nervous build-up to walking across the stage even more daunting.

How long ‘til I can get my hands on a glass of free champagne?!

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It’s safe to say that by studying in Wales we learn a lot more than just what our lecturers teach us.

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