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The 8 Emotional Stages of Going Back To Uni After Christmas

Being at home for almost a month over Christmas is a luxury. You go back to your doting parents in a house where the cupboards are filled with food and it’s just like being a child again. So much so that it’s easy to forget what is looming when you go back to your student life in January…

Here are the stages all students go through when they finally get back to uni after Christmas:

1. Excitement.

You and your friends will finally get the chance to catch up on all the gossip from home and enjoy being independent again.

excited gif


2. Hunger.

After stuffing your face with chocolate all Christmas, going back to a student diet of baked beans and pasta is harder than you thought.



3. Realisation.

It hits you just how little work you did while away. You should probably have at least looked at your January deadlines by now…



4. Regret.

All that time you spent drinking mulled wine and watching crap films, you could have made a start on the essay that’s due next week.



5. Dread.

Forget about the essay, what about all the exams?!



6. Confusion.

Which modules have exams? When are the exams? WHERE are the exams?!



7. Insomnia.

By this point, late nights spent cramming in the library are the only way you’ll stand a chance.



8. Relief.

When exams are over there’s only one thing to do, whether you’ve passed or failed.



Maybe next year you’ll spend more time being productive and less time lounging in your onesie.

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Want to write an article like this?

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