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10 Real Struggles You Face When You Move Back Home

So university is over, you have a degree and now you need to get a job. And the lease on your house is running out soon. Your only option is to move back with mum and dad. How bad can that be, though? Surely if you lived with them once you can do it again. Oh, how naïve we all were…

  1. They have real schedules… and you don’t.

It’s a bit awkward to see your parents getting up at 6AM when you’re just planning on going to sleep, not to mention that you can’t remember dinner being THIS early in the day.

  1. Having to give updates on your plans.

Evenings at the pub turning into full-on nights out are almost standard for you, but letting your mum and dad know where you are isn’t.

  1. The constant questions.

“Are you going to do a postgrad?” “Have you been looking for a job?” “What do you want to do with your life?” Please, one day without a crisis about my future is all I want. Please.

  1. The constant feeling of losing your independence.

You can’t do this, you can’t go there, you have to watch your language… you never had these problems with your friends at uni. Freedom is feeling more like a distant dream every day.

  1. Not remembering them being this strict.

You swear it wasn’t this easy to get yelled at before you moved out, but maybe you’ve just gotten lax over the past three or four years.

  1. Feeling judged for habits you picked up at uni.

What seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do a few months ago now has people looking at you weirdly. Don’t knock it until you try it, guys!

  1. Wanting to move out again but take all the nice stuff with you.

Somehow, everything at your parents’ house is nicer than it was when you lived at uni. Yes, independence is nice, but so are dishwashers.

  1. No more midnight snacks.

Chicken nuggets at 3am were not only acceptable; they were a good idea for everyone. Now, you run the risk of waking everyone up, and they seem to appreciate it less.

  1. Not being able to sleep as much as you’d like.

What do you mean I’ve wasted half the day? It’s only one in the afternoon, I have loads of time! Why would I go to bed before one in the morning anyway?

  1. No more getting trigger happy with your money.

Student loan drops were once a magical time where you were rich and anything was possible. But you don’t have them any more, and you really don’t want to have to explain why you spent £200 on nothing you actually need.

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