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26 Reasons Why Liverpool Is The Best Place To Be a Student

Choosing a university is one of the biggest decisions you’ll probably make in your young life.

It could be where you meet your best friends for life – or even the person you’ll marry – and it could be where you realise the sort of person you want to be. So, no pressure!

The location could be a huge factor, and you can’t get much better than Liverpool.

1. It’s a pretty cool place.

Well cool in Liverpool 🛥

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2. And home to students from five universities.

From the University of Liverpool to LIPA, whatever you want to study, there’s something for you.

Top of the Cathedral tower – a beautiful view of the great city this week's graduates have been studying in #LJMUGrad

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3. There are some great places to study off campus, too.

Each university opens its libraries to all students regardless of which institution you’re actually from. But if you need to get away, you can always go to Central Library which is in such a magnificent building your IQ will go up just standing near it.

4. Liverpool is one of the best nights out in the UK.

Uni isn’t just about studying and getting a degree, after all. There’s a massive range of clubs, pubs, bars and late night cafés to choose form after a hard day of learning.

SOHO nightclub Liverpool #clubscene #travelling #England #lightshow

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5. From cocktails and tequila in Bar Ca Va….

6. To LEAF, where you can drink tea into the early hours.

안정적인 불금

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7. Liverpool has a great gay scene. 

Liverpool has a great community feel, no matter who you are. And Stanley Street Quarter is full of fantastic bars and clubs.

Gaaaaaaaay! 🌈

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8. There are also hidden secrets all over the city. Like a bar behind a telephone box.

Just in case you wanted to feel like you’re on your way to The Ministry.

9. The Beatles, obviously. 

You can’t really escape them in Liverpool. If it’s your thing, there are tours about The Beatles and several landmarks throughout the city showing places where the boys lived and performed.

10. And you’re never far from live music.

Open mic nights are on at most venues, and iconic places like The Cavern Pub, are great to catch bands regularly playing for free. Music is certainly a big deal in Liverpool.

11. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without the Scouse sense of humour in your life.

There are lots of hilarious comedians in Liverpool, and the Hot Water Comedy Club is one of many venues that hosts comedy events for free.

Check us out every Friday Saturday & Sunday at holiday inn liverpool

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12. And you’ll never tire of the local accent.

Scouse is boss, la, as you’ll learn from Korean Billy.

13. There are loads of theatres.

I can’t even begin to name all the venues where you can see stage productions. But, as you might’ve hoped, there is a running theme here in Liverpool and yes, it is possible to see some plays for free.

@scottishballet will be here with the beautiful #SwanLake from Wed 1 – Sat 4 June. #ballet #dance #theatre #liverpool

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14. With all this culture, it’s the perfect place to try something new.

There are plenty of groups set up around the city for locals and students to meet up and share interests. University is the time to experiment with new things, after all.

Colour Walk

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15. And it’s easy to keep your parents occupied when they visit.

Enter Liverpool – the king of culture, because just on the Albert Docks alone there are three huge museums. And you guessed it, they are free.

16. In fact, there’s nearly always a free event on in Liverpool.

Recently, there was the Liverpool International Music Festival, a free festival in Sefton Park. As well at this, there’s also arts festivals such as Light Night and Liverpool Biennial, where art exhibitions are hidden around the city. There’s also Africa Oye, which is a huge festival to celebrate African music and culture.

17. There are so many places to eat.

Just on Bold Street alone there are restaurants and cafés that sell Jamaican, Italian, Indian, Moroccan, Thai and more. Also the food here is so cheap, you’ll always eat like a king.

#mowglistreetfood 👌👌

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18. And there’s food on offer 24/7.

You will not go hungry here. China Town has a restaurant that simply doesn’t close. There are also places that sell pizza all night long.

19. Liverpool also has great vegetarian and vegan options.

Sometimes it is really hard to travel when you’re a vegetarian, vegan and even more so if you’ve got allergies. But one place that will have you covered is The Egg Cafe, and not only do they have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options too, the restaurant itself is also pretty beautiful.

20. Liverpool is a really friendly city. 

The atmosphere of the whole city is so lovely and people are generally very helpful and kind. You will rarely feel homesick here.



21. You’ll save money because it’s so easy to walk everywhere.

I was once told that if you walk in a straight line in Liverpool you will eventually get to where you need to be. Also, the main areas of the city are so close to student accommodation and the universities that you probably won’t need to bring your car, or worry about public transport.


22. And there are plenty of places to spend everything you do save.

From Independent businesses, vintage clothing shops and huge shopping centres – you’ll find somewhere to treat yourself.

Burst into summer with us at 2pm today! 🎈🎈🎈

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23. Quiggins is somewhere you will visit and love.

Quiggins at Grand Central is a huge alternative market and the best place to revive your inner Emo. Think 2009, there’s fashion, retro games and records.

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24. And if you’re into football, you can’t really go wrong here.

Just choose your colour.

3 more weeks to go till Liverpool ⚽️⚽️👌 @carlruss91 #merseyderby #evertonfc

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25. So, what are you waiting for?

Good morning Liverpool ❤️

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26. Liverpool is ready for you.

The best city #ItsALiverpoolThing

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