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14 Things You Miss About The University of Stirling Now You’ve Graduated

Stirling > every other uni ever.



1. How beautiful the campus grounds are.

A 9am lecture isn’t so bad when you have views like this.

Keep your face toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you. ☀️🌲 #igstiruni

A photo posted by University of Stirling (@universityofstirling) on

2. And it’s even prettier in the snow.


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3. The clubs and societies you got to be a part of.

Whether you are into craft beer or cats, there was a society for everyone at Stirling.

4. The sports facilities that almost made you want to take up exercise.

Attending Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence has its perks.

What a morning for a jog! #stirling #sunrise #run #morning #nature #sport

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5. Refresh 😍

For all those times you were hungover and didn’t want to walk all the way to the Union.

6. And the fact that you could go to Underground for a Starbucks coffee when you needed a break from studying.



7. Having views of the Wallace Monument no matter where you were on campus.

How beautiful are our pitches 💚 #suwrfc #stirling #wallacemonument #scotland

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8. And the nightlife was amazing, even if you weren’t exactly spoilt for choice.

Stirling may only have two clubs but you still managed to have a great night out every time.

9. Having a cinema on campus.



10. And being surrounded by wildlife on your way to lectures.

"Day 6. The swans suspect nothing." 👀 #igstiruni

A photo posted by University of Stirling (@universityofstirling) on

11. Even the Airthrey Loch swans.

We all loved to hate them.

Mother swan standing guard

A photo posted by Camille Penman (Millie) (@camillelaure21) on

12. The Union was the place to be.

Because where else do you get a rubber duck with a number on it whilst you wait for your food?

Challenge with italian friends! 🎱

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13. And having a castle on campus was undeniably cool.

Maybe you were even lucky enough to have some lectures there.

Airthrey Castle #AirthreyCastle #StirlingUniversity #Castle #Scotland #Scenic #Photography

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14. But most of all, the friends you had there made it the best.



Thanks Stirling, we miss you!

Did someone say Autumn?

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Life at Stirling was great, but your life as a graduate can be just as good.

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