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22 Thoughts You’re Guaranteed To Have When You Turn 22

I think you’ll all agree that turning 22 is as miserable as it is magical. We can’t all be Taylor Swift.

1. This is not as much fun as when I turned 21.

2. Am I too old to be asking my parents for presents?

3. I have no idea who half the people wishing me happy birthday on Facebook are.

4. How do I even  celebrate turning 22? Are there rules I should follow?

5. My next big party won’t be until I’m 30.

6. I wish I was a kid again.

7. There is nothing in my future but work.

8. And I forgot that my student loan wasn’t just free money.

9. I want to be a student forever.

10. What on earth inspired Taylor Swift’s  song lyrics?

Breakfast at midnight, really?

11. I’m too old to be a child too young to be a grown-up.

I’m trapped in age limbo I’m totally confused about how I’m supposed to behave.

12. I still want to go out and get drunk with my friends a lot.

13. And spend my weekends sleeping until noon and binge watching Netflix.

14. But should I not be doing something mature and productive with all this free time?

15. Speaking of weekends, why can’t they last three days?

Who the F**k decided on the 5:2 ratio?

16.I do enjoy a good night in from time to time.


18. Will I have to buy a house soon?

Better get saving for that deposit.

19. And should I be settling down soon?

I could do with getting a boyfriend/girlfriend first.

20. But I’m still so young, I want to travel and see the world.

21.I may be getting older, but I’m also getting wiser.

22. I love being 22, this year’s gonna be the best one yet!

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