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23 Times School Was Undeniably Better Than University

Lots of children and teenagers will be moaning this week as their summer holidays come to a close and the new school year begins.

If only they knew how lucky they were. They could be going to university, and we can all remember some times when school was way better than university…

1. When you didn’t get a giant reading list right before the summer holidays.

2. Which meant that you could thoroughly enjoy your time off without the weight of work on your shoulders.

3. Plus they were only six weeks long, so you didn’t feel like you’d forgotten everything you ever learnt when you returned to your studies in September.

4. Instead of comparing notes in school, you compared stationery.

We all envied that kid with the full pack of smell pens.

5. But at least that didn’t make us feel insecure about our intelligence.

Which we often feel when everyone in our seminars seems to know more than we do.

6. When the older you got, the better school was for you.

The big kids ruled the school, and young kids respected you because you were all grown up.



7. Yet at university, each passing year is like a ticking time bomb to adulthood.

And being grown up is not so cool any more.

8. At school, breaks between lessons were spent having fun on the playground.

9. And spending free time in the library was completely unheard of.

10. Handing homework in late had no severe impact on your future.

11. But a missed deadline at university can be fatal to your results.



12. At school, teachers were constantly trying to push you and help you.

13. Which you didn’t entirely appreciate until you got to university and were introduced to unsupervised learning.

14. Remember how homework was marked with the classic red pen?

15. Which wasn’t nearly as ruthless as the comments you find on an essay at university.



16.  ‘Lad’ culture just wasn’t a thing in school, which was, by all means, a good thing.

17. And you never had to experience being in a classroom hungover.

Life was easier before alcohol found you.

18. You also never went hungry at lunch time because your parents paid for school dinners.

19.Or at least made you packed lunch.

Remember these bad boys?


Source: Photobucket

20. But you’re on your own at university, neither your parents nor the diner lady can help suffice your midday cravings.

21. Wearing uniforms at school meant you didn’t have to think about your choice of outfit every day.

22. Or wash or iron anything.

23. And if you did, that was your parents job.

Because no child has to wash their own P.E Kit.

But hey, at least you gained your independence at university, even if that did come with responsibilities you didn’t have at school..

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