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What Does Your Pre-Drink Say About You?

Cheap white wine:

You’re a laid back, good-time girl on a budget, who drinks wine to get drunk and doesn’t really care about the taste of it. What matters is the proof, not the flavour. White wine to you is like a truth serum, a dance-like-nobody-is-watching serum and an I’m-gonna-forget-my-own-name-tonight serum, but  as long as you  have a good time, who cares? If it makes you feel classy, why give a f**k what anyone else thinks?


You’re a prosecco convert, having had one too many embarrassing nights on wine. Your personality is as bubbly as your favourite drink and being a student won’t stop you enjoying the finer things in life, at least until your loan runs out.

Red Wine:

Pre-drinks are not your speciality – there is simply not enough appreciation for vintage Merlot. No no, you’re much better off enjoying it over dinner with your intellectual friends. As for your beer-drinking buddies at pre’s, well you turn up anyway just to get a kick from knowing that 90% of them couldn’t pronounce your beverage of choice.


Guys, if you favour a brand of beer, like Fosters or Carling, then you are the male equivalent of what us girls like to call a ‘basic bitch’. You’re into sports, protein shakes, drinking games and one night stands, so basically, you’re a walking cliché.

In contrast, girls who drink beer are the furthest thing from a basic. They tend go against the grain (or with it in this case), as demonstrated by their total disregard for bloating. Female beer drinkers  are grounded, practical people who are easily pleased and out for a good time – anything to get the job done.


You’re a relatively chilled person who likes to take it easy on a night out. You drink for the taste, not the immediate effect, with the main aim of not spending the morning after with your head in a toilet. Cider is probably your pre pre drink, you’ll switch to beer or spirits eventually, but it helps to line your stomach before you do so. This tactic allows you to last longer on the dance floor and embarrass yourself  sufficiently less than your friends who went straight for vodka.

Vodka Soda: 

You love a good Snapchat selfie and you always find a reason to text your ex when drunk. Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re deeply concerned about about the calories in alcohol- you want to drink irresponsibly without worrying about its affect on your waistline, but for some strange reason you are much less worried about its affect on your dignity. Yup, you tend to lose all your inhibitions when drunk, though people would  never guess from the perfectly filtered photos that you post on Instagram. Oh, and despite your health concerns, your night almost always ends with your face in a McChicken Sandwich.

Gin and Tonic:

Similar to Vodka, except you’re less concerned about waking up in your own bed than they are.


You are a member of a sports team and bar tenders despise you for your juvenile taste in alcohol. You have a rowdy temperament and usually  start drinking at least one hour before everyone else (by the pitcher of course, not the glass).Drunken habits include starting fights and chatting up  people who aren’t really interested, but you mean no harm by your behaviour, you’re just always up for a laugh, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


You love getting wasted, so you decided one day that if you’re going to get drunk, you should at least do it properly. Your spirit shows you’re fun, suave and have watched every episode ever made of of Mad Men. You are the wise guy in your friendship group, but people love hanging out with you because you know exactly how to have fun. They just don’t know as much about the world as you do.


You are an indecisive girly-girl who panics at the thought of making any sort decision. Echo Falls is permanently on offer at £4.89, so you make the cheap and easy move to stick to what you know – you like the simple things in life anyway. You’d prefer to drink from a glass but if there’s none on the go the bottle will do just fine, after which your rosé tinted glasses get the better of you as always.


Shots on a night out are often a necessary evil if you need a bit more courage to get on the dance floor. But shots before you’ve even left? You’re a fun person who’s full of enthusiasm for life, but you also have a death wish, regret everything you say and do on a night out, and will need a taxi home about two hours before you actually order one.

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