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14 Mean Girls Reactions All Female Students Will Recognise

Mean Girls is so true to life you probably find yourself quoting it quite a lot. Especially when you’re a student…

1. That one house party everyone gets invited to apart from you.

2. When you hear your lecturers swear for the first time.



3. And then every time after that.

4. When you’ve had too many Domino’s pizzas.

5. When you’re in a bad mood because 9am and see someone walk into the lecture you don’t like.

6. When your parents come to visit.

7. When you fall out with everyone in your house.

8. That one guy you kissed that your friends never let you live down.

9. When your friends go to McDonald’s without you and didn’t even think to get you a Double-cheese.

10. When you stumble in drunk and try to tell everyone how amazing your night was.

11. When you’re the only one who wants to go out because everyone else has assignment deadlines.

12. When the walk to the library takes its toll on your hair.

13. Every holiday ever.

14. And when your friends realise it’s been a while…

“Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.”

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