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Everyday Struggles Only Students With a Part-Time Job Will Recognise

Being at uni is great. Loans are in, everyone’s getting drunk, and waking up at 2 in the afternoon and ordering a domino’s is the norm. But oh no, you’re the one person in halls who’s loan just about pays the rent. So unlike your other fellow students, a part time job is the only thing that will allow you to survive. Whether it’s retail or bar work, you’ll understand.

1. Never having a free weekend.

Whilst everyone else is lazing around still recovering from the countless nights out during the week, you are up and ready for work. The thought of having to deal with customers moan about makes you feel nauseous. Weekends are for bed and pizza, not early mornings and work.

2. You miss out on pre-drinks.

It’s a big night out, it’s your mate’s birthday and it just so happens you forgot to book it off work. It’s ok though, you finish working behind the bar at 12 so you can still make it out, you just miss pre drinks; the only good part of the night before everyone loses each other in the club. You now have to rush home to get ready without having a shower, (because that’s what deodorant is for) to then pre-drinking on your own which actually consists of you downing a bottle of vodka and paying £10 on a taxi to the club because there’s no one to split the cost.

3. Trying to fit work around uni.

Everyone’s uni timetables seem amazing compared to yours. Mondays and Fridays off, only in for 2 hours a day, because they have other priorities like watching Netflix or having 3-hour naps, but your timetable? No days off and in 9-5 everyday. How are you meant to fit a part time job around that!? So obviously you agree to work weekends leaving you with no time to yourself.


4. You never get to go on spontaneous day trips.

You forget that your friends are free all day every day except for when they’re at uni, so when they’re bored and fancy doing something spontaneous they can. Then you remember you have work later so doing something exciting is always cut short because you have to leave early to go to work. You end up suffering with major FOMO and spend you’re whole shift miserable because you just want to enjoy life like all your uni friends. Is that too much to ask?


5. Being the only student in town during holidays.

Whilst everyone goes home for Christmas or Easter, you have to stay and work. Just because uni has finished doesn’t mean you can just up and leave your job too. This leaves you with no friends, an empty flat and a worry that you might run out of things to watch on Netflix. You don’t realise how much students populate your uni town until they all go back home.

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