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6 Reasons Students Would Make The Perfect Doctor Who Companions

For students stuck in a monotonous cycle of essays, comfort food and Netflix, the Doctor’s adventures through time and space might seem like nothing more than a pipe dream.

However, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be the best companions ever, should the occasion arise…

1. We’re resourceful.

The Doctor’s been stuck in many a pickle, trying to evade the laws of time and space with nothing but a fez and a mop. Meanwhile, all of your bowls are being used as ashtrays, so you find yourself eating cereal out of a disused Chinese takeaway box… with a fork. You’re well practised in resourcefulness.

2. Running in heels.

Running is a pretty vital part of being the Doctor’s companion, even when caught wearing less-than-sensible footwear. Luckily, your bi-weekly sprint from club to kebab shop in six inch stilettos in a desperate bid to reach it before it closes is perfectly adequate training for exactly this.

3. You’ll eat anything.

The Doctor’s diet is comprised almost solely of jammy dodgers and fish fingers with custard. Whilst most human beings would be turning their noses to the sky, low standards and dwindling loans mean, as students, we’ll eat pretty much anything.

4. We’re incredibly brave.

You learn a lot about bravery at University. For the first time in your life that spider looming above your bed isn’t going to be dealt with by Daddy’s magical mug and newspaper trick. You’re going to have to see to this one all by yourself. Which is good! Only the bravest get the opportunity to cross the threshold of the Tardis.

5. Our punctuality.

Or lack thereof. The anally punctual simply couldn’t handle the Doctor’s tardy combination of spontaneity and procrastination. Luckily, you think you’re doing well if you make it to your lecture half an hour late. You and the Doctor are on a pretty similar wavelength on this one.

6. You don’t take nothing from nobody.

In your time at uni, you’ve grown a pretty sturdy backbone. Student finance, your housemates, your presentation groups; they’ve all felt your wrath. No discrimination here, making you perfect companion material.

So, if you’re sick of everyone asking what you want to be when you grow up, maybe it’s time to give them an answer…

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