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11 Things That Only Students Who Lived In Lucia Foster Will Understand

If you had the pleasure of living in Lucia Foster Welch, then you will understand the good, the bad and the ugly side of LFW.

1. The freighter train wake up call

If you lived in Hudson House, you were often woken up at 5AM from the freighter trains, it’s almost like listening to birds chirping in the morning.



2. The walk home from Oceana

Walking the mile and a half back from Oceana after a night out, face covered in McDonalds, was far from pleasant.



3. Living the furthest away from campus

Lucia Foster is about a 15 minute walk on a good day, so trecking to Uni at 8:30 knowing your other course mates hadn’t even woken up always left you feeling bitter.

too early


4. The laundry room

The laundry room at LFW are like saunas, it’s always busy, and someone always sat uncomfortably close to you.

Laundry fail


5. Morning meetings with Chantry bridge

Climbing Mt Chantry bridge guaranteed to ruin your day before it had really even started, especially with a hangover!

climbing fail


6. The Car Park

LFW’s car park is huge and you’ve discussed with your mates what sort of club you would convert it into at least once.



7. Living on the 7th floor

Nothing was more annoying than having to trek down several flights of stairs to collect your Dominos pizza.

not cool


8. Hudson House being the party house

You’ve spent plenty of hours trying to piece together your night the morning after a legendary Hudson party!



9. The lifts breaking down

The lifts in LFW are notoriously awful and you have fond memories of being trapped in there with the drunks.



10. #LFW trending on Twitter

We’ve all seen the hashtag LFW trending and whilst you thought that your uni halls were famous for a moment, you quickly realised that it meant London Fashion Week.



11. Your fresher’s experience being completed

You left LFW with your head held high knowing you had the authentic fresher’s experience.



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