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13 Things All Bucks New University Students Will Understand

The student experience at Buckinghamshire New University is unlike any other.

Here are 13 things you’ll only get if you’ve studied at Bucks New…

1. After a night out you have to make the hard hitting choice: Charlie’s or Dennis’.


2. …just for you to realise that they’re the same company, so it doesn’t really make any difference.

3. After living in High Wycombe for a while, you realise that Green Street is definitely not the hip and happening place to go.


4. You simply don’t understand why friends at other universities can’t stand their SU.

5. …though you realise this is because the SU is the ONLY available place to go for a night out, unlike other universities.

6. The pain of being left with Butler’s and Yates after Pure closed down.

7. You pull someone and bring them back to your halls at 10.31 – George won’t be happy.

8. Forgetting your student ID after prepping yourself for a day in the library.

9. Running past charity people in the street and feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt.

Surely being a student is charity enough?

10. In first year, The Roundabout was where you went for cheap drinks before hitting the SU. You never return in second or third year.

11. Speaking of roundabouts, this is what it feels like to drive to uni:

12. Buses, trains and taxis will never run on time and you’ll always be late.

This probably isn’t specific to high wycombe, but while you’re sat waiting at 9.10 for a taxi you booked for 8.30, you probably won’t care. So unfair…

13. Being able to afford Sainsbury’s because everything is free; free to join a sports team, society, free entry to the SU.

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