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Why I’ll Never Regret Studying at The University of Portsmouth

These days, deciding which university to study at is a difficult decision, and one that you can only hope you won’t come to regret in the future. Recent University of Portsmouth graduate, Hannah, talks about just a few reasons why she has no regrets about studying there.

1. The cost of living is really low.

It was recently revealed that Portsmouth is one of the cheapest places in the UK to be a student, with rent costs at the lower end of the scale and affordable travel. When you’re a student, money issues can be a real headache at times thanks to tuition fee debt and student overdrafts that are frighteningly easy to get stuck in, so studying somewhere where it’s easy to keep costs at a minimum was a huge weight off your shoulders and paid off massively in the long run.


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2. And the beach is within walking distance.

Having lived a fair drive away from any beach before going to uni, being able to just walk to the sea was such a lovely experience and one that you come to really appreciate, knowing that so few students benefit from such a privilege. The small funfair and amusements brought back nostalgic memories of family fun and was definitely a welcome break from the hard pressures of studying. Even if you don’t actually end up going all that often, it’s still nice to know it’s there.

3. Campus is the perfect mix of seaside and city.

Portsmouth might be near the beach, but it’s still a city campus, so you never feel cut off from modern life, nor trapped in a student bubble. Walking between lectures can seem like a bit of a pain at times but I personally grew to really enjoy it. It was a good way to stay fit on a student budget, too.

4. The atmosphere in Halls is incredible.

Hands down, my favourite year of uni was the first one. There’s a lot of accommodation on offer at Portsmouth and wherever you end up, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great time. I was in James Watson Hall where not even weekly 3am fire drills and questionable curtains could spoil the community feel (if anything, it reinforced it). I genuinely made friends there who I will be in contact with for life. My housemates and I had a proper Christmas dinner and Easter meal, which was perfect in the times where you felt a little homesick.

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5. And the nightlife is on point.

Portsmouth remains, by far, my favourite city for a night out. Whether you want a slightly classier night in Tiger Tiger or cheap drinks and a stumble home from Astoria, it can accommodate your every need. Plus, the cabs are stupidly cheap. 🙌

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6. There’s a real sense of pride in being a Portsmouth student.

From Varsity to campus elections, or just a regular day of the week, to be honest, the Pompey spirit is fierce. There’s an amazingly inclusive atmosphere on campus with random activities happening at the SU pretty much all the time. You can’t really fail to get involved and make the most of your time there.

7. And there’s inspiration to be found everywhere you go.

For example, not far from the uni is the Historic Dockyard, within which stands the Tudor Warship the Mary Rose. I have always had a deep love for Tudor history and took many visits to see the ship, which ended up being a big influence for one of my creative writing pieces. There’s something about being near the sea that can help clear up that writer’s block when you’re struggling with essays and exams.

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8. You know you have the full support of the uni while you’re there and after you graduate.

There’s nothing worse for a recent graduate than feeling like you’ve suddenly been forgotten by the university you just spent several years at. For Portsmouth students, the inspiration and support doesn’t stop at the end of final year; The Purple Door is set up to help you apply for jobs and look over your CV whenever you’re ready to start the job hunt. This is available for everyone, student or graduate, and really makes a difference in how you approach your life post-uni.

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9. And it’s clear that the uni is always improving.

There’s been a lot of renovation done to the university over the last few years, most notably to the library. Having a fresh, modern space to work in doesn’t make your work any easier, but it does help to enhance your studies.

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10. Portsmouth itself is a great city to live in.

Genuinely. From Gunwharf Quays, home to a hoard of gorgeous designer shops and lovely restaurants which were a lot of fun to splurge on just after the loans came in, to the incredible Spinnaker Tower with its slightly terrifying glass floor, there’s a lot to see and do. You’re never short of new places to discover and explore.

11. And I’ll treasure my memories from my time there forever.

Whether it’s a particularly inspiration lecture that sticks in your mind or just a day in the sun at Mozzarella Joe’s, Portsmouth will leave you with no regrets. I loved every second of my time there and will forever be glad that I chose Pompey over everywhere else.

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