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16 Struggles of Living In a Student House That Make You Regret Leaving Halls

You’ve finally moved out of uni accommodation and got a house of your own, but it turns out independent living isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

1. First off, it turns out some landlords aren’t as stringent about the end of year clean as halls are, so the year might start with tidying up after the last tenants.

Nothing like cleaning up someone else’s leftovers to start the term well.


2. Once you’re in the house, you realise you have no idea how boilers, thermostats, or anything else vaguely adult-related works.

What the hell does bleeding a radiator mean?

The Odyssey Online

3. Oh, and having to organise bills is the least fun ever.

Who knew picking an internet supplier could be so difficult?


4. And why do bills have to be so expensive anyway?

It was so much easier when you just paid one fee at the start of term.


5. There’s always that one housemate who conveniently ‘forgets’ to pay you the money for said bills.

Apparently they’ll only pay if you stand over them and watch them do it.


6. So now everytime someone uses electricity you can’t help but panic about how much it might be costing.

“I know but do you really need to blow dry your hair? Just stand outside in the wind.”

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7. And once it starts to get cold you miss being able to crank up the halls’ radiators to the max.

You can only risk putting it on for a few hours in the morning before desperately waiting until evening to thaw out the afternoon freeze.

8. You realise that somehow there’s already a patch of damp somewhere.

How did that even happen?


9. A house party seems great now that you’ve got your own space until you realise that a cleaner won’t be coming in the morning to tidy the kitchen afterwards.

Cleaning hungover is not fun…


10. You never truly appreciated the luxury of being able to roll out of bed and onto campus within 5 minutes.

Bracing a morning hike across town to get to class isn’t as great as it sounds.


11. Trying to dry clothes is also officially the worst.

You don’t want to use the tumble dryer too much, but there aren’t enough radiators in the house for all the washing. So your bedroom turns into a maze of hanging sheets and t-shirts.

12. And similarly awful is having to leave passive aggressive messages in the group chat about tidying.

Or even worse, having to organise a house meeting.


13. You’ll probably only be in the house for about two months before something breaks.

And you have to track down your elusive landlord.


14. And unlike halls, it seems to take a lot longer for your landlord to meander down to the house and contemplate fixing things.

Surely wanting a functioning fridge isn’t too demanding…


15. You also realise that landlords don’t seem to care as much about giving you good quality or even matching furniture either.

“Yeah, the drawers work fine, you just have to really kick the bottom one to make it shut.”


16. When the WiFi stops working you can’t just stroppily complain to the halls warden. Now you have to try and fix it yourself.

But how? How?

But, as trashy as your house may be compared to halls, your housemates make up for everything.

Well, most things anyway.


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