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This Student’s Flatmate Has Just Taken Petty House Drama To a Whole New Level

We all know that sharing a flat at university can be a bit of a nightmare at times.

Like everyone who’s ever lived with other students, we’ve all reached a point where something has annoyed us so much we’ve had to resort to actually voicing our feelings in the house group chat.

Maybe you’ve had to complain about the people who don’t wash up, preferring to leave their dishes dirty long enough to grow mould. Or perhaps you’ve had to say something about those flatmates who are always, always, always late paying bills.

At the very least, you’ve probably vented your frustration about the people who, as well as stealing your milk on a regular basis, never pluck their own hair out of the drain and obstinately refuse to take the bin out.

No matter how difficult you think your flatmates are to live with though, just be glad you don’t live with these people.

Brace yourselves for some truly outrageous flatmate behaviour here.

Your flatmates might be dirty, loud and downright disrespectful, but do they leave all the stools in the kitchen at different heights when they’re done using them???

Because this poor soul’s do, and it’s upset them so much they were left with no other choice than to complain about it in a message to their house group chat.

A screenshot of the message which starts – as all good, passive aggressive messages do – with the phrase “I don’t mean to sound like I’m nagging but…”, was then posted to Twitter by one of the perpetrators themselves, who simply wrote what we probably all would upon receiving such a bizarrely irrational complaint: “How do I request new flat mates x”.

What. Monsters.

As expected, Twitter reacted in hilarious style.

Some people were on the side of the chair users…

While others were relating to the desire to want all the chairs to be the same height…

Whichever side you’re on, one thing’s for sure: next time your flatmates do something that drives you up the wall, remember you could have it So. Much. Worse.

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