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15 Things That Change When You Move Into Your Own Place

It’s time to step out in to the real world. But you never knew how different it would.

1. The days when you snoozed for 30 minutes are long gone.

You have an actual job now; you can’t be late. This isn’t the university life anymore when you didn’t have to go if you didn’t want.



2. Pulling a sicky could have severe consequences.

Now that that bulk of your wage is leaving your bank account in the name of rent, faster than you can say “I GOT PAID!”, you can’t afford to spend your days in bed for a pathetic “headache” (hangover).

3. Pay Day is known as Rent + Bills Day.

Enough said. No need to dwell on the negatives.



4. Saving money becomes a competitive hobby.

When you hear you’ve got more money than your housemates at the end of the month you’re laughing because you can go out. But then you realise you’ve got no other friends. So you don’t do anything anyway.

5. Meal times are upsetting.

Family meals are in the past. Sure, there are some days when you and your housemates come together for a big meal, but it doesn’t happen near as much as you wish it to. This is one of the few similarities to student living.

6. And you’ll own no food whatsoever.

Money is tight, so what suffers? It has to be food. You can’t not pay to get to work. You can’t not pay your bills. And you CERTAINLY cannot sacrifice alcohol.

7. Cereal becomes your new best friend.

Cereal for breakfast. Cereal for lunch. Cereal for dinner. It’s easy to pretend that this food is healthy for you but it’s really not… Although you still don’t know why. And you still don’t care. What is at the forefront of your mind, is the fact that you’ve still not worked out HOW CEREAL TASTES SO DAMN GOOD AT NIGHT.

8. Social drinking goes up; heavy drinking goes down.

Getting drunk doesn’t happen anywhere near as much as you expect. Or as much as you want. A bottle of wine at home and chilled pub trips – these become much more appealing than clubbing… Clubbing? What is this word?



9. Acquired tastes are… acquired.

Coffee. Wine. Mustard. Olives. Strong Cheeses. Oysters. Don’t argue, just trust and try.

10. Knowing the bin days is essential.

This is one of the first things you need to learn. You can’t be living in a rubbish pile any more. And it actually fuels house conversation: “Oooh, we’ve just had a bank holiday, you know what that means! Bin days have changed. How exciting.”

11. You realise how often everything needs cleaning.

Parents aren’t there to clean up after you any more. Your real world naivety catches up on you as you can’t help but question ‘multi-purpose’ cleaning products. Can one liquid really clean a kitchen AND a bathroom?!

12. You’re forced to take an interest in politics.

The thing that’s behind everything and the thing that everyone pretends to know more about than they actually do. It’s time the show an interest in the topic you’ve shunned since you had the right to vote. This is your home town now; do you want the price of a pint to go up? Absolutely not. Do you want a sex shop to open up next door to you? Maybe down the road but not right next door. Do you want your local 24 hour fast food restaurant to close before midnight? Erm, NO.



13. Your DVD collection is severely diminished.

You realise the only times you were buying DVDs were for your parents on their birthdays. It’s a sad time but… NETFLIX.


14. Matching crockery is the first step to becoming a family.

When you first move in you all bring your own plates and cutlery and it’s a depressing sight. There’s no unity. You may as well go to your bedrooms and never say hello ever again. The solution: plates with the same patterns. You never admit how cute this is, but inside you’re all just stood there crying happy tears inside.

15. But worst of all: You can’t stand the ‘younger’ generation.


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