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41 Thoughts Every Theatre Studies Student Has at University

Theatre Studies: one subject everyone mocks – even those who take it. This is how all theatre students think when at uni.

1. “I’m taking theatre to act.”



2. “But I hardly even do acting.”

3. “This is more books than I expected…”

4. “… than I hoped…”

5. “… than I ever want to read.”

6. “I don’t know how to act any more”

7. “10 contact hours… what an utter scam.”

8. “Time to drink instead of using spare time to study, because sorrows.”

9. “Going to lecture hungover but it’ll be fine.”



10. “…Brilliant… now we do acting. Typical.”

11. “I wish I didn’t take theatre.”

12. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I’m older.”

13. “But right now, it’s not this.”

14. “Have I just wasted a lot of money I don’t even have?”

15. “No, come on. You can make the best of this situation.”

16. “I guess I ~could~ be an actor.”

17. “Actually, I’ll be a writer.”

18. “Nope, it’s going to have to be directing.”

19. “A lecturer?… No, come on.”

20. “Screw it, theatre admin it is.”

21. “Right. back to the theory.”



22. “This degree is FAR too subjective.”

23. “What constitutes a first?”

24. “‘What is a stage?’ … Am I actually writing a paper on this question? Just open a dictionary, lecturer!”

25. “I don’t even like this aspect of theatre.”


26. “This is doing nothing for me.”

27. “I’m never going to apply this to my future”


29. “I’m going to the theatre to take my mind off things and to pretend that this is a form of studying.”

30. “Tickets cost how much!? Okay, no.”

31. “Dissertation… Ew”

32. “We haven’t been prepared for this.”

33. “This is more words than I am used to.”

34. “I should probably go to the library.”

35. “I’ve never been here before.”

36. “Reference? Erm”

37. “I hate referencing.”

38. “I hate dissertations.”

39. “I hate words.”

40. “I hate theatre again.”

41. “Throwing so much shade right now.”

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