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13 Things You Can’t Survive The Commute Without

Nobody can avoid the dreaded daily commute to and from work, only the strongest of humans can handle it.

However, there are some things on hand to arm you against the treacherous commuting conditions, never leave the house without these things…

1. Monthly travel pass.

There’s nothing more humiliating than the ticket man calling you out in front of everyone else, like you intentionally forgot it… Plus, no one wants to see their month’s wages disappearing on train fares – there’s alcohol to be bought.

kill me now

2. Correct, weather-appropriate travel attire.

You can’t anticipate the weather, and you definitely can’t anticipate whether your chosen transport method will believe in using a heating system. Always be prepared.

3. An Umbrella – otherwise known as a weapon.

Protects you from the rain and – in extreme situations – can be used to speed up slow-moving pedestrians.

4. Good, sturdy shoes.

For the quick sprints to platform changes and early buses, many hours standing around waiting, and protection from the unpredictable British weather. Even Bear Grylls couldn’t handle this.

5. A piece of gold-dust, otherwise known as a seat.

Yeah, like this is going to happen. Getting a train at rush-hour takes the sardines analogy to a whole new level. Many mornings and evenings will be spent glaring at the smug few who manage to be sat down – even on the floor.

6. Your commuting ‘friend’.

That one person who you awkwardly smile at each morning and evening, but have never actually spoken to. Solidarity.

7. Beautiful, picturesque scenery.

Feast your eyes on post-industrial landscapes, electricity pylons, warehouses, building after building after building… Oh, and the occasional tree. This is if you’re lucky enough to not be on the tube, anyway. Then just use your imagination.

8. The Pile On/Pile Off.

A commute just wouldn’t be a commute without the scrum to get on and off the train. Who would have thought that people loved their jobs that much?

9. A Sprint.

Your day would not be complete without the mad sprint to make sure you make it to work on time, only to find that all the trains are late.

10. A Late Train.

“Sorry for any inconvenience” rings throughout the station, closely followed a collective sigh from the hundreds of commuters affected. Definitely wouldn’t be the same without this.

11. Headphones/your only hope.

Everyone needs their go-to playlist for when the stresses of commuting get too much. You might be stressed, but you’ve got the eye of the tiger, a figher etc.

12. Something to read/distract you from your current circumstance.

For when the iPod or iPhone runs out of battery, a book is a must. Whether it’s Fifty Shades of Grey, War and Peace, or the Metro, anything is better than having to look around at a train carriage full of pained faces.

13. A Train app.

To ensure that you’re always on the right platform, on time for when your train is late. As horrible as it is to see the delays and platform alterations, it’s best you’re warned in advance.

Repeat again tomorrow. Happy commuting, everyone!

Want to write an article like this?

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