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18 Things You Need To Know Before Studying at Northumbria University

It’s not all like Geordie Shore.

1. You will be studying in the heart of the city.

Unless you’re a science student.

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2. And when you’re not in lectures, Newcastle is an amazing place to go out.

But don’t be surprised when you see students on a night out in winter with no coats on. It’ll be you soon enough.

3. Don’t expect anything like Geordie Shore.



4. This is usual though:



5. Geordie is an entirely different language that you’ll soon come to know and love.

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6. And you’ll hear all about the Geordies’ love of Newcastle United FC.

7. Habita will be your best friend.

Cheap food + cheap drinks = an absolute life saver when your loan’s running out.

Now that actual uni has started

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8. You should definitely consider getting a wristband for Freshers’ Week.

It’ll save you tons of money.



9. Generally, Newcastle is one of the cheaper places to drink in the UK 👌

A pint won’t set you back too much.



10. And, sooner or later, you’ll fall in love with your local pubs here.

You’ll often find yourself in one after a day at uni.

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11. Don’t expect much snow in winter, Newcastle is all about rain.

Like, literally so much rain.



12. But at least the Sunday market in Quayside never disappoints.

13. And don’t forget to check out the one in Tynemouth too.

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14. You’ll get used to frequently hearing “Delays to service, Metro apologises”.



15. But when the Metro does finally run, you can expect lots of amazing views throughout the city.

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16. When you do want to get out of Newcastle, you can get to loads of major cities in just a few hours.

London’s no more than 3 hours on the train.



17. You’ll spend a lot of your time at uni in this library:

18. But you will never regret studying in Newcastle.

You’re going to love the Toon 💞💕

Tyne bridge at sun set #photography#newcastle#bridges#sunset

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