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17 Instagrams That Sum Up Every British Student’s Summer

Summer in Britain comes and goes pretty suddenly, so you’ve probably learnt to make the most of it by doing some of these things.

1. You’ll definitely end up in a beer garden. 

Good beer selection & great beer garden @ The Stag, Hampsted #london #pub #beer #beergarden

A photo posted by Lorna McMullan (@thewelldinedbrummie) on

2. Or at the beach. 

Portobello beach today #hottestdayoftheyear #porty #tapsaff

A photo posted by Elaine Moran (@laineymoran) on

3. Where you underestimate the power of the sun.

2 years today since I was burnt to a crisp #babyImburnin #sunstroke #repost #toast

A photo posted by Jack Quinn (@jack2998) on

4. And get burnt in all the weirdest places. 

Ouch #sunburn #funnysunburn

A photo posted by 🌴BROWNALLYEAR🌴 veganproducts (@brownallyear) on

5. You might go to a festival. 

Town hall dance off #secretgardenparty

A photo posted by @dibberny_cricket on

6. Or on a holiday, where you’ll sport some questionable outfit choices…

#legend #britsabroad

A photo posted by Annabel Bowie (@annabelbowie) on

7. You scramble to quickly have a barbecue while the sun’s still out. 

15 degrees? LET’S DO THIS.

8. And you probably end up a little bit disappointed. 

Plan B!

#camping #lakedistrict #rainybbq

A photo posted by Lauren Thayer (@laurenthayer_312) on

9. You make the most of the summer and study outdoors.

Do you have a favorite reading spot? Because I might've found mine.

A photo posted by @dailybitswitha on

10. But you don’t really get much studying done.

It’s summer! There’s just too much else to do. Like have a water fight. Or drink.

Pimms o'clock! #pimmsoclock #britishsummer

A photo posted by Sarah Anderson (@saraha4513) on

11. You invest in one of these.

It isn’t summer until you’ve had an ice pop.

Cool yourself down today with an ice cream or our mr freeze ice poles!! #Chelmsford #Essex #IceCream #IcePole

A photo posted by PoundPlus (@poundpluschelmsford) on

12. Or one of these 😍

That's it, we're packing up early! 🍦✌🏼️😋 #heatwave #icecream #hottestdayoftheyear #Primark

A photo posted by Primark (@primark) on

13. And you rediscover your love for these bad bois.

Ran out of fuel on the A1. Could be worse #caprisun #topsoff #hardshoulderpicnic

A photo posted by @whiskeydistance on

14. Of course, you talk about the weather.

It’s summer! Can you believe it?!!!!!

#itssummerinlondon ☀️🔥 #hopeitlastmorethanaweekend #summertime 😎

A photo posted by Hanel Gir (@han3lgir) on

15. And document it at every given opportunity. 

It was sunny and warm, genuinely!

…and we got sunshine and waves #cornwall #cornwalllife #britishsummer #fistralbeach #cornwall

A photo posted by @laura_ramage on

16. So you can look back at what you once had when summer passes.



A photo posted by Mechelle:) (@mrscooper88) on

17. And normal service is resumed.

Until next year, summer. We’ll miss you

Rain Rain, Go Away #Rainy #Rain #BritishWeather #Window

A photo posted by Ciaran Sean (@ciaranseanuk) on

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