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21 Things You’ll Really Miss About The University of Edinburgh When You Leave

If your time at the University of Edinburgh is about to come to an end, you might want to make the most of these things before you leave.

1. The undeniable beauty of campus.

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2. And its stunning location.

3. Secretly loving that it kind of feels like you’re at a mini Hogwarts sometimes.

St Leonard's Hall #universityofedinburgh #Edinburgh #scotland #oer16 #nofilter

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4. Boozy BBQs in The Meadows. 

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5. And emotional strolls up Arthur’s Seat.

Hometown ❤️ #edinburgh #scotland #arthursseat #home

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6. Having the world’s largest performing arts festival on your doorstep.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. #fringefestival #edinburghfringe

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7. With its inspiring and all-too-relevant messages around every corner.

Hi, Tolkien.


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8. Not needing to fork out for accommodation at Hogmanay.

9. The infamous Hive.

If you never went to Hive, did you even go to Edinburgh? #HIVETILFIVE

10. And Teviot nachos.

Nowhere else can ever compare. A staple to every Edinburgh student’s diet.

11. The capital city’s weird and wonderful people.

Scotland in a picture: Ginger guy in a kilt on a Wednesday afternoon #Edinburgh #scotland

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12. And the fact that it’s a Harry Potter fan’s heaven. 



13. Frequent bake sales outside the uni library.

Edinburgh, you cutie.

BAKE SALE TODAY! Here at the main library until 3pm. Come get some coffee and treats!

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14. And seeing Bobby every day. 


15. The views from inside the David Hume Tower.

How did you ever concentrate?

This time last year – Edinburgh, 13 degrees. Warsaw right now, 1 degree. Missing the sun… ☀️

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16. Although you might not miss the tower from the outside.

#brutalarchitecture #uni

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17. Walking around campus in the snow.

18. Or in the sunshine.

19. And discovering the most perfect spots to study in.

If only graduate working life looked like this.

20. Thanks for having us, Edinburgh.


Not the worst view 🌞🏔 #edinburgh #cse #dancestudio #universityofedinburgh #holyroodpark

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21. We’ll really miss you. 


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