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32 Instagrams That Will Make You Want To Move To Edinburgh After University

Scotland’s capital is where you need to be.

1. First and foremost, it’s a beautiful city.

And another ☀️ #edinburgh #sunnyday

A photo posted by Laura Forsyth (@lauraforsyth_) on

2. And is home to the phenomenon that is Salt ‘n’ Sauce.

It’s not quite brown sauce, but it’s not vinegar either. It’s just sauce and it’s 👌

3. You’re not yet too old to enjoy the incredible student hot spots.

We thought it was about time we treated our 1210's to some new accessories. #cabvol #technics #1210s #vinyl

A photo posted by Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh (@thecabaretvoltaire) on

4. But you can also escape them.

Classy cocktails, anyone?

5. The Fringe Festival would be on your doorstep.

Just the largest performing arts festival in the world. No big deal.

That's certainly one way to #defythenorm! #edfringe

A photo posted by Edinburgh Festival Fringe (@edfringe) on

6. As would Harry Potter’s birthplace.


I'll always await my letter… #harrypotter #jr #scotland

A photo posted by La Caro (@caroycart) on

7. But if that’s not your thing, you don’t have to go far for a bit of culture.

The city is full of the country’s finest museums and galleries.

A photo posted by @didna on

8. It’s big but not too big.

With a population of just under 500,000, there’s enough variety without feeling overwhelmed.

9. And it’s waaay cheaper than London.

You can even afford to buy a pint!


A photo posted by Ciarán Matthew Dunne (@ciaran.matthew) on

10. It’s full of all the craft beer you could ever want.

11. And some of the best gins. Ever.

12. You could get drunk in a cow shed… 

Cow Shed Seven

A photo posted by Martin Doherty (@martindoherty1) on

13. Or glam up for George Street.

A photo posted by Louise Young (@luisita_young) on

14. There’s even a cat cafe.

15. Edinburgh knows how to put on a show.

16. Especially at New Year.

Hogmanay is something else. 🙌

17. There are plenty of great live music venues.

A photo posted by Jenny (@jenjuniperr) on

18. And cosy, traditional Scottish pubs.

Until next time, #Edinburgh. #Scotland

A photo posted by Ellie Beckett (@elliebvt) on

19. There’s also an amazing LGBTQ scene.

The famous ‘Pink Triangle’ is renowned for its gay bars and clubs.

Pride celebrations in Edinburgh yesterday #onelove #pride #prideedinburgh #colourful #playhouse

A photo posted by Xe Nia (@xenia.the.conqueress) on

20. It’s easy to travel around the city.

21. Even if public transport isn’t your thing.

22. There’s plenty of greenery.

From the beautiful Botanic Gardens, to the meadows, it’s easy to forget you’re in a city at times.

Wild flower Meadow at Figgate Park this morning #edinburgh

A photo posted by Edinburgh Spotlight (@edinburghspotlight) on

23. And it’s stunning in all seasons.

#edinburgh #scotland #fringefestival

A photo posted by Federica (@ffiora) on

24. But especially in winter.

Thinking back on Christmas in Scotland… the townsfolk of Edinburgh sure do know how to celebrate. #🎄#🎡

A photo posted by Ɉɛʀøɳ ʍøøʀɛ (@jeronmoore) on

25. There are more coffee shops than you’ll ever need.

Come and get it 🍰🍪🍫🍎 #cake #treat #coffee #tea #cakedisplay #rustic #coffeeshop #cafe #polwarth #edinburgh

A photo posted by Odds & Ends Coffee (@oddsendscoffee) on

26. And amazing food. Everywhere.

27. Including at some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Edinburgh has 5 Michelin starred restaurants (more than any city outside of London).

Some of the tastiest food I've ever had 🤘 #thekitchin

A photo posted by Holly McNay (@hollyx94) on

28. When graduate life becomes too much to handle, you can escape up Arthur’s Seat.

Started from the bottom now we're here

A photo posted by Steve Whiteley (@offkeysteve) on

29. Or just take a wander around the city centre.

30. Because nowhere compares to Edinburgh.

First sunlight hitting the Old Town this morning #Edinburgh

A photo posted by Edinburgh Spotlight (@edinburghspotlight) on

31. It’s just an all round amazing place to live.

Seeing the festival out with a #bang #edfringe #edinburgh #fireworks

A photo posted by Sophie Crookson (@sophielc87) on

32. So what are you waiting for?

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