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Students Have Been Evacuated From Campus Buildings Due To a Reported Bomb Scare

An area in the centre of campus has been cordoned off due to a reported “security alert”. Witnesses have reported that surrounding buildings have been evacuated and that emergency services are on site.

via L Ali

photo by a University of Kent student

Giles Lane is blocked off and access to campus is currently restricted.

A member of the Uni Bus team told our witness that according to their sources the disruption is a “result of a bomb scare”.

The building at the centre of the scare is the Templeman Library.

The new library wing has only been open for a few days. Reports are that an anonymous call to the University this morning sparked the alert. The Colyer-Fergusson building, home to the University’s Music Department has also been evacuated. Reports of the situation in other locations on campus are not coming through yet, however we do know that Darwin is unaffected.

via Leilan Ali

photo by a University of Kent student

Witnesses have described alarms going off and people running out of the building.

An initial lack of information was evident with even staff members being unaware as to what was going on. A police cordon was set up before being extended to include the entire area.

The Daily Touch Kent contacted the university for clarification. They released a short statement which read: “We can confirm the evacuation of the Templeman Library and buildings in the immediate vicinity due to a security alert. Kent Police are in attendance. This information will be updated as soon as we know more.”


The university have just sent out an email to students notifying them of the security alert on campus.

Email sent to all UKC students

Email sent to all UKC students

Students are still reporting that they are unable to cross campus.

Image sent in by a Kent student.

Photo by a University of Kent student

End of event update and press release.

The University released a final statement today with regards to the bomb scare which affected central campus.



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