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28 Things You Did as a Student That Would Be Weird Now You’ve Graduated

The lives of students and graduates are miles apart. Both have their ups and downs, but the one thing we miss when we graduate is getting away with some weird and wonderful behaviour.

The stuff we got up to as students is pretty unacceptable after you’ve donned the cap and gowns. 



1. Building friendships based only on your mutual love of Sambuca.

2. Blowing your weekly budget on Domino’s and eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next three days.

3. Going out in your pyjamas. The shops, lectures, nights out… Every day is pyjama day when you’re a student.

4. Buying new underwear instead of doing a wash.

5. Getting tagged in 97 photos every week and not remembering a single one.

6. Actually being nocturnal. It might’ve been those five nights out in a row or your three hour naps but you just don’t know what a normal bedtime looks like when you’re a student.

7. Having more fraped statuses than actual statuses. Your friends used your facebook more than you did.

8. Finding massive mounds of debt funny.

9. Not showering because you’ve got nothing to leave the house for.

10. Binning dirty cutlery and mouldy cups because you’re too lazy to wash them.

11. Refusing to clear up sick on the wall because you don’t remember doing it. And regretting your stubbornness when you had to clear it up six months later.

12. Getting in your work uniform after a night out so you can have an extra 10 minutes in bed.

13. Taking daily four-hour naps.

14. Buying a new pack of playing cards with every weekly shop.

15. Spending more money on a pair of trainers than your entire month’s worth of food.

16. Having dinner at 2am. Which was more than likely to be either a takeaway or a multipack of crisps.

17. Going out three nights in a row.

18. Only eating fruit if it’s fermented or infused with vodka.

19. Using Febreeze to minimise washes. If you were lucky you could hold out until you next visited home.

20. Stealing your neighbours bin because you have too much rubbish.

21. Dropping food on the floor and being perfectly content leaving it there.

22. Day drinking on a week day.

23. Thinking that being hungover is a perfectly good excuse to skip work.

24. Going in to work still drunk.

25. Watching so much daytime TV you know more Jeremy Kyle guests than lecturers.

26. Wearing a coat inside so you don’t have to pay for heating.

27. Decorating the flat with stolen glasses and pub signs.

28. Eating food way past its use-by date. It was either that, or go without.



When you really think about it, being a student is pretty disgusting. Luckily you’re normally too drunk, too hungover or too asleep to care.

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