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7 Signs You’re Actually In A Relationship With University

Ever wondered why being at university leaves you ecstatic one day and frustrated the next?

It’s because you’re head over heels and madly in love.

University is the demanding, high maintenance relationship you swore you’d never end up in. But despite all the bad, you can’t get enough. Don’t believe it? Read ahead…


1. The Crush Stage

Before starting university, you have no idea what to expect. You love the idea of going, but are worried it’s not right for you. What if you don’t make any friends? What if your flatmates hate you? What if you realise you passed your A levels by accident and you’re actually too stupid for university?

By the time you need to pack, you wish you’d never applied. You’re convinced the student lifestyle will reject you.

2. The Honeymoon Stage

Once you start, all your nerves are wiped away and you realise just how amazing university is. You feel drunk; is it happiness, or is it those sambucca shots?

Any memories of pre-university days are distant and dull, and you can’t believe how great your life is now. You thought lives like this only existed in the movies.

3. The Comfort Stage

You spend so much time together that you begin to let go of your inhibitions – just slightly. You’re not making as much of an effort because you’ve settled into the lifestyle, spending most days sat in your onesie. But everybody gets to this point – right?


4. The Conflict Stage

You’ve put on weight, you’re fed up and tired, and you’ve started to realise what hard work being a student is. You feel like it’s all work and no play, and you miss being at home on your own. You’ve put everything into being at university, and it feels like you’re not getting anything back, except a lot of heartache.

You’re worried about failing your exams, you’re losing sleep and you’re constantly on edge, snapping at anyone who tells you it will be okay. You’re also so poor that you can’t even afford comfort food to make you feel any better.

5. The Taking-a-Break Stage

You’ve fantasized about being home, away from university, where the hard work and lack of results can’t hurt you. You miss your old friends, and your whirlwind social life has turned into sitting at home revising, wondering where the good days went.

So, when you break up for the summer holidays, you’re free! Free to party, free to stay in bed until 4pm, free to do whatever you want without that constant nagging voice in the back of your head telling you to get your act together.

You see all your old friends and remember the good old days, and vow you’ll never enjoy being at university more than home.

6. The Regret Stage

You’ve been home a while now, and you’re starting to seriously miss uni. Lazing around doesn’t seem appealing anymore, and you miss having something to do, even if it does involve being in the library until 3am.

Looking back, you remember the good times you had revising, ordering Domino’s to sneak past the library guard, looking up cat videos and moaning about how your lecturer hasn’t taught you anything.


7. The Getting Back Together Stage

Being at university might be hard work, but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you. You’ve realised that being a student isn’t just something you do, it’s a way of life.

You can’t imagine ever NOT being at university.

It doesn’t matter how many deadlines or exams you have, or how little money you have left in your overdraft. Being at university is the happiest you’ve ever been and when it ends for real, you’re going to need some great friends there to help you with the break up.

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