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8 Emotions You’ll Experience During Freshers’ Week

For second and third years, Freshers’ Week is a long awaited chance to act like freshers again before the hard work starts. For first years, however, it’s a little more daunting…

Moving to an unknown place, surrounded by unknown people and a whole lot of alcohol can really leave us feeling pretty emotional… Here’s a few feelings that you should definitely prepare yourself for:

1. Worry.

Stories of Freshers were made to freak out first years. There’s no need to worry about getting your brow shaved off or getting kicked out of the club for falling into a bouncer, anything embarrassing that happens is only going to make you a legend in the long run.

2. Overwhelmed.

The thought of being in a new place with new people can be quite scary, and there’ll be moments of fear when you’ll probably wonder whether anyone will want to be friends with you. Grab yourself some Dutch courage and get out there, we guarantee if you start any conversation with “this one time, I was so drunk that…” you’ll have friends in no time.


3. Proud.

Before Freshers’ Week, you probably didn’t have any real life skills. Now, you can add ‘shotting the most sambuca’ and ‘Ring Of Fire champion’ to your CV. Even better, you might be the first official name on your flat’s Chunder Chart. Celebratory shot?


4. Confused.

There are many times during Freshers’ Week that you’ll experience confusion. Checking your bank account and wondering where your money went, waking up on the kitchen floor in a completely different Halls of Residence, tapping your friend’s shoulder in a night club to discover it’s actually the floor… Freshers can be a confusing time, just pick yourself up and roll with it.


5. Death.

Okay, okay, death isn’t technically an emotion… But try telling yourself that at 9am when you’re throwing up last night’s vodka and kebab. This feeling will be a regular occurrence throughout your first year so you may as well get used to it.


6. Remorse.

Usually felt at the same time as ‘dying’. It’s easy to spot someone feeling remorse as they’ll probably have their head down the toilet and be whimpering in pain, muttering something about that 80p tequila shot.


7. Homesick.

This usually occurs either when your food shop has run out and you’re too hungover to get yourself to McDonalds, when you’ve blown your loan and are surviving off value noodles, or when you discover washing machines aren’t free in your halls. Freshers’ Week can be hard, but the good definitely outweighs the bad – so stop moaning and start drinking.


8. Shame.

Feeling ashamed is compulsory during Freshers. Whether it’s the Walk Of Shame (or the Stride of Pride, as it should really be called) or having to endure your flatmates horror stories of what you got up to last night, there is no shame in feeling ashamed for these two weeks.


Your first Freshers’ Week can be a scary and confusing time, but there’ll never be one as good so just enjoy the ride. The only things you’ll be feeling during Freshers as a second and third year is old and jealous.

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