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8 Things You’ll Hate About Looking for a Student House

House hunting should be exciting; you’ve chosen your housemates, you’re fed up of the grotty halls you call home, and you’ve got your student loan burning in your pocket.

In reality, house hunting is the WORST student experience ever – here’s why.

theDT / BBC / via YouTube

theDT / BBC / via YouTube

1. The landlords are always late

You turn up 5 minutes early and are left waiting in the rain for 20 minutes, wondering if you are at the right house and unable to get through to their phone. They finally turn up with no apology, acting like you’re inconveniencing them.

2. The house never looks like it does on the website

You walk in expecting a beautiful mansion with huge rooms and newly refurbished décor. What you’re faced with is peeling wallpapers, dingy furniture and ‘double rooms’ that barely fit a single bed.

3. You’re met with suspect smells 

You pass out after trying to hold your breath throughout the entire viewing.

4. You always walk in on that one guy having a nap

The landlord assures you everyone is home for Christmas so you can look around the house at your own will. This means you handle walking in and waking up some guy’s nap really ungracefully.

Thinking things can’t get any worse, you head over to the next house and walk in on two people who hooked up the night before.

5. You always disturb people having a chat (and end up leaving without looking)

There’s always that one group of tenants who make it obvious you’re disturbing their chill out time and watch you pointedly as you walk around the room. Cue you pretending you’re done and rushing out without having seen a thing.

6. There is always someone “about to take the house”

The landlord pressures you into signing because someone wants to sign tonight and it’s his last four bedroom house left. You panic and sign for the house immediately, worried you’ll end up homeless if you don’t.

Only then do you realise the ceiling has collapsed and all the windows are broken.

7. That one house that looks like a CSI crime scene

There’s always that one uninhabited house that resembles an abandoned and run-down warehouse, complete with broken furniture, maggots and rotting food – and that’s just in the hallway.

8. You didn’t know you could haggle rent

Its only when your course mates tell you they knocked off a tenner a week that you realise you’ve signed to pay £90 a week for a house that’s worth £70. To put that in perspective, you’re a litre of vodka down a week.


House hunting is one of the most awkward and unpleasant things a student can experience. But once you’ve signed your soul away, you’ve got nothing left to do but celebrate.

And what better way to do that than to make use of your old house with a party?

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