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9 Things You’ll Absolutely Hate About Growing Up

When you’re fourteen, nothing in the world seems as appealing as being a fully fledged adult. You get to do what you want, when you want, and ain’t nobody telling you otherwise.

But what nobody actually told you is that officially being an adult sucks. We’d trade all the freedom in the world if we could just give up these responsibilities…

1. Not being able to have a sick day, unless you’re genuinely dying.

When you’re at school or working in McDonalds, no one actually cares if you don’t turn up because you’re sick (ahem – too tired to get out of bed). Sadly, these rules don’t apply when you’re in a full time job.


2. Paying income tax, national insurance and your student loan all at once.

Nothing more painful than seeing those little minus figures on your already pathetic looking payslip. You never even got a chance to say goodbye.


3. Paying council tax.

Erm, where does this even go to?


4. Having to say no to random nights out.

Seeing as a hangover doesn’t class as being terminally ill, nights out and full time jobs don’t mix very well.


5. Keeping your Twitter clean.

Slagging off your boss on Facebook used to be all the rave back when you were sixteen, but now even so much as hinting you’re not having the time of your life slaving away for pennies is a sackable offence. #FML


6. Just having a job in general.

9 – 5 every single day, seriously?


7. Working overtime, for free.

We didn’t sign up for this.


8. Being completely cut off by your parents.

What do you mean, you’re no longer supporting me?!


9. Overdraft charges.

Goodbye, student bank account.


There’s no denying it, growing up sucks. Maybe it’s time to quit our jobs, throw in the adult towel and pretend we’re all 18 again.

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