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10 Graduate Phrases You Would Never Have Said As A Fresher

As a youthful fresher, you undoubtedly felt a sense of immortality as you embarked on university life – but it can’t last forever. Here are some of the phrases you live by now, that would make the younger you cower in shame.

1. “Can’t we stay at home tonight?”

Because pyjamas are more comfortable than high heels.


2. “Let’s buy organic.”

Meal deals may be cheap, but eating healthily became more important at some point. When did that happen?

3. “If I have a third beer, you’ll be carrying me home.”

Your liver is no longer your best friend.

4. “Who on earth is asleep in my kitchen?”

It’s no longer normal to find complete strangers in and around your house.

5. “No, I might hurt myself.”

Suddenly you’re scared of doing stupid things.

6. “It’s too cold to go out.”

Gone are the days you could wear a belt as a skirt in the bleak mid-winter.

7. “I need to sleep in my bed.”

Not someone else’s bed, not anyone else’s couch or floor – you need your bed, your sheets and your pillow.

8. “It’s 6.45 – I’ve overslept!”

And back in the day, you could sleep over 12 hours so so easily.

9. “I can’t go to a party and work tomorrow.”

Because four hours of sleep stopped being enough.

10. “I have a friend who’s pregnant!”

There’s no bigger sign that you’ve entered a new period of your life than when your friends start to have babies on purpose.

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