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11 Things Every Erasmus Student Will Understand

 Erasmus is a brilliant experience. You’ll have the time of your life and learn a lot along the way.

1. You learn all about a new culture.

There’s no better way to learn the culture of a country than to move there.



2. You improve your language skills.

Once again, there’s no better way to learn a language than to move to a country where it’s spoken. Locals can be very good tutors and teach those idiomatic expressions and words you don’t learn at uni.

3. You experience a new university.

Going to uni in another country means experiencing a new educational system, new learning methods, and the chance of taking a module you couldn’t take at your local uni.



4. You have a whole new level of independence.

You will be responsible for lots of things in a foreign country, but you will also manage your life like never before. If you can make Erasmus, you can make it anywhere.

5. You make new friends.

And most of the times they are international friends – a good excuse to visit more countries!

6. You build new contacts and get a head start at networking.

7. The world becomes your home.

After this experience, you will become more comfortable with travelling and the idea of moving abroad.

8. Yet you learn to appreciate those home comforts.

It takes a few months in a foreign land to fully appreciate the unique little things of your home country, whether it’s the weather or that snack you just can’t find anywhere else.

9. You will become more confident and comfortable with yourself.

Since you are out of your comfort zone, you will know things about yourself that you didn’t before, and you will also learn how to live with them.

10. Traditional food has never tasted so good.

Even the dish you don’t like can live you homesick… and proud to be from where you are!

11. And being apart from your friends for so long makes seeing them even better.

It’s a party when your friends come to visit you or when you go back home.

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