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12 Thoughts Overseas Students Have During Their First Year In The UK

Studying abroad is a terrific experience and the UK can be a great choice. Breathtaking sights, good scores on every education chart, and the opportunity to make friends from all over.

However, although you thought you were ready and prepared for all the things that would be different in the kingdom of tea, Shakespeare and kilts, it didn’t quite turn out how you expected.

Here are just 12 thoughts you’ll have your first year in a British uni.

1. “I thought I could speak English pretty well. I was wrong.”

Seriously, what’s that accent? What does that idiomatic expression mean?


2. “What did you just say? I can’t tell if you’re being serious.”

It’s called sarcasm. You will get used to it.


3. “Aren’t these people cold?”

They are, but the night out dress code must be respected!

4. “‘On time’ stereotype? Wrong.”

The bus will be late, your friends will be late for the pub, your grades will be sent later.

you're late

5. “‘Tea lovers’ stereotype? Absolutely right.”

Literally all day every day.


6. “OMG someone who can speak my language!?”

You thought you were the only one.


7. “This lecturer seriously needs to slow down.”



8. “The UK isn’t London, stop with that!”

You may be in Nottingham, Manchester or Glasgow, but once you say you are in the UK, your acquaintances or friends back at home will always ask you how London is, what’s up in London, or ‘you moved to the UK? What are doing in London?’.


9. “Food from home never tasted so good!”

When you’re abroad, home cuisine will taste even better and you will want everyone to try it.



10. “More beer? Really?”

Everyone seems to live for beer, and by the end of the year, so will you.


11. “Must respect queues.”

Unless, of course, you want to face a battle with the locals.



12. “History, history everywhere!!”

The list of monuments, castles and historical places in the UK is endless, which makes it an amazing country to explore.



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