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30 Things Every Vegan Student Will Understand

Being a vegan student isn’t easy. It’s hard to find a place to eat, you can’t shop for everything you need in the Sainsbury’s around the corner, and people keep trying to ‘teach’ you about nutrients, food industry, and that plants suffer as well.

Been there, right? 

1. You’re the only vegan in the house.

The cool thing about that is you can easily detect where your food is in the fridge. The least cool part of it is that your flatmates will still eat your food.



2. This is how your housemates usually react when you cook.

Until they actually try it – then they love it.

3. You are always a bit scared when someone offers you a cosmetic.


4. Or clothes.

Please tell me that’s fake leather.


5. Even safe sex has to be planned in advance.

Because the condoms you find in convenient shops have an animal product.

im vegan

6. Basically, you’re always a step back when someone buys you something, and you see how much around you has involved animals.

Wool scarfs, ice cream, butter, cheese, salad dressings, some beers, most of the birthday cakes… the list is endless.


7. The worst part: You can’t even order Domino’s. 

it isnt fair

8. As a result, you’ve become an expert at buying online.

It just makes your life so much easier!



9. And you feel extremely happy in a vegan store.

“Omg omg omg! I can buy anything!”

dance supermarket

10. You play a very proactive part when your friends want to go out for dinner.

“That place won’t do, there’s no vegan option”

11. You also call the host of a party beforehand.

“Hey! How are you? I’m fine too, thank you. Listen, I was just wondering, what are you planning to cook?”


12. Sometimes you bring your own food and drinks to a flat party.

And you know how it will end: everybody will try it, and you will end up with nothing.


13. Everybody gives you lectures on how the animals need us and how much we need them.

But all you think is “No, a cow doesn’t need you to take out her milk, and you don’t need her milk”


14. All of the sudden, everybody has a degree in nutrition.

But, ironically, no one seems to know where you get your protein, vitamin b12, and calcium.

15. Every time you get ill, it’s “because you’re vegan”.

And not because it’s bloody cold outside and you haven’t dressed properly.


16. You get asked “why are you a vegan?“ and “what’s the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?” periodically.

17. “Why don’t you just pick off the cheese?”



18. “But you have to eat it! It’s tradition!”

It was a tradition centuries ago to kill humans for the Gods, that doesn’t mean it was right.

i dont care

19. You have heard the same hypothetical scenario of “imagine you are in a desert island” over and over.

im bored

20. And the “imagine you haven’t taken a shower in weeks, and all you had was an animal tested shampoo” 

talk to the hand

21. You have been asked if it was ok for you to kill plants (because they suffer too).

“Well, but to you think there’s any logic in killing those plants to feed an animal to eat later on, instead of just eating those plants yourself?”


22. You spend more time reading labels than you do books. 

reading labels

23. And someone has already told you “oh, c’mon! Just take any laundry liquid!”

um... no

24. You can’t indulge in drunken takeaways with everyone else.

25. Or the obligatory hangover Full English the morning after.



26. You always appreciate that friend who cooks vegan food especially for you.

It’s called friendship!

my best friend in the world

27. You get the impression people think you are a new kind of hippie.

hipster nonsense

28. Going on dates can be difficult. 

“Please don’t suggest something with animal suffering.”


29. Everyone looks at you and smiles when vegans are mocked on TV.

You got used to it.

30. And this was you when you found out your university has a vegan society. 


Student life isn’t kind to vegans.

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